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Thursday, June 19, 2008


In the following days they trained day after day they trained at the 1132 W. Thorndale school. Which at the time was the as my father puts it a Yukan-na Shishi club run by a black belt named Gus Ascetti and the head instructor named John Kotsias. Who were 1st dans in the WKF at the time. My father said this guy Kotsias was awesome, he also was an awesome black belt in Kwon do Korean karate.

At the time Billy and my father and others wanted in The WKF at the time so Keehan set up matches with some hardcore students at the time at the 8111 South Ashland school. John Keehan said step on the mat like your in a bar room. They fought almost 4 hours with Keehan throwing them new fresh students to fight against. Over the course of these matches their was blood and broken bones.

And of course William Jr last match was Andy Wilson. A big Black man who smoked Billy Jr and several of Keehans students and Billy Jr students and they fought and fought. If you notice the patch on William Jr's eye. Andy Wilson hit him with a shuto and split him over the eye needing 6 stitches that Keehan himself did fix. My father fought a guys named Wally Miller and John Black. My father said you remember the guys who gave you a run for your money.

So after all the fighting they partied and partied they did. They went to see the dragon lady of Rush Street Barbara Kemp she got some girls from the south side. After that they almost died Andy Wilson was so drunk that almost flipped Keehan car on the Dan Ryan expressway. This is when they were introduced to Fred Hamilton and Bobby Seale of the Black panther party. My father still uses the term "Power comes out of a barrel of a gun". He loved those guys when I showed him Fred Hamilton F.B.I report. My father hates when the establishment kills people for their involvement in bettering the communities. He always says still to this day that" democracy kills revolutionaries.

My father is still pissed with the killing of Bobby Hutton in Oakland in 1968 were Eldridge Clever was wounded. William Jr and My father use to go to New Haven Conn in the 1970's to support the Panthers trail. It had to do with the suspected murder of Alex Rackley who the Panthers thought was a police informant.

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