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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

DURING THEIR TIME THEIR in 1966 and 1967

After training and training, They went to see some schools and talked about the martial arts business over dinner and how the martial arts would someday peak especially the number of schools in the greater Chicago area. See my father explains "the World Karate Federation is a Federation of black belts under one umbrella" they all had their own schools. But it was a tough thing to do, especially with the different stylists who really didn't respect each other. So John had a rough go at it from the start.
I talked to my father about time frame something that Floyd Webb has mentioned,
he explain it like this. When you talk about "The Rangers" and Hamilton and
Seale and the "Panthers", they weren't their over night. The Chicago city
especially in the central projects in Chicago they had well oiled well versed
soldiers as gang members. The gangs ran everything and they probably still
do,These gang are really a spin off of the cultural revolution out of the 60's
in a way, ask Russel Brown at the time he was a cop in Chicago he'll tell you.
But those's guys in the 60's and 70's were infrantry men from Vietnam hardcore
grunts. They were the fathers of the modern street gang in Chicago. They didn't
like going from a snake pit to another so they fought back the it was along
struggle. Floyd and anyone living in Chicago dealt with one way or another with
those huge projects their
Listen their were the Blackstone Rangers under Jeff Fort and their was the "Vice Lords" and the "Disciples" at the run by Larry Hoover and David Barksdale. They were out of the Lawndale area at the time. People seem to think that John was exclusive to the Rangers he wasn't if their was money to be made, John went to make the money and thats it. See John walked a fine line , you got to understand the situation in Chicago at the time. You couldn't work the streets with out being involved one way or another with the gangs.
Most of the militant blacks were coming to John and his black belts to use the
art in the struggle. And John understood that. These street gang were different,
the 60's street gangs in Chicago had community out reach programs and free
lunches in their neighborhoods
My father wants me to put this up.
John was a good old boy, people need to respect his accomplishments, did he
bullshit, ya most people do, did he have a loud mouth most people do. Did he
make stupid mistakes and make really bad judgements, ya he did. But the mind of
the man was so articulate with his business presentations and the way he carried
himself. No one could match him.

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