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Sunday, June 29, 2008


Its 1967 John Keehan had alot going on in his life. He was preparing for the 1967 Championships sponsored and organized by him. This is the second time that William V Aguiar Jr and John F Creeden Jr and 3 others went to Chicago, they were George Owens, Herman Mederious, and Tommy Kirker. After a series of letter were exchanged. They went to Michigan and trained with a superb Judoka name John Osaka. Who trained John Keehan for several years prior. Who was fielding Judo champions since the early 60's. This is the time that everyone from Fall River met Jim Konsevic and a his best friend Jane Orr. My fathers said the Konsevic was built like a frigging brick wall. And he was a brawler.

After training with Johnny Osaka and Konsevic and Orr in Michigan. They went back to Chicago area and met a 3 degree black belt in the World Karate Federation at the time and ex Chicago Cubs baseball player named Ellis Burton. A good old boy my fathers states with a laugh, what an excellant practitioner and a class act. He was retired from baseball for a couple of years at the time. He loved Shori Goju. My father states that John Keehan had an autographed picture over his desk from the Ashland school for years. Here's a link to his stats.
I found this baseball card it was from the early days when he was with the Cardinals.
Keehan was geared to travel he wanted to go to the 1967 Long Beach Invitational. Which he did attend with William Jr and John F Creeden Jr. Their friendships grew very fast and strong. Their views on the arts were very much the same. They started to bash the purists and the classic karate men who never understood their philosophies about mixed training. Keehan started to get backlash about mixed training, because Keehan started to see the flaws in just on style.

Bruce Lee also appeared at the 1967 Long Beach International Karate
Championships and performed various demonstrations, including the famous
"unstoppable punch" with USKA world karate champion Vic Moore. Bruce would
announce to Vic Moore that he was going to throw a straight punch to his
and all he had to do was block it. He would take several steps back
and ask if
Moore was ready, when Moore nodded in affirmation, Lee would
glide towards him
until he was within striking range. He would then throw a
straight punch
directly at Moore's face and stop before impact. In eight
attempts, Moore
blocked zero punches.

They played hard at this time. Watching matches and demonstrations. they met
Edmund Parked and Phil Koppel, and Robert Trais and several movie stars at the
time who were intrested in the arts.

Also Keehan and friends attended the June 25 1967 All-American Karate
Championships at Madison Square Garden were Bruce Lee preforms as Kato in front
of a crowd of thousands. In 1967, during the "All American Karate Championships"
at the Madison Square Garden, Chuck Norris beats Hiroshi Nakamura, Then chuck
Norris beats Joe Lewis for the overall title.

Here is a picture of that fight that day Joe lewis and Chuck Norris.
Threw all the fun my father states that something was troubling John Keehan. he was having problems with certain individuals from Calumet, pertaining to the adult movie houses and adult book stores That were owned by Marc Lully. Its all had to do with money and payments and kick backs from one to another. He was also having problems with his girlfriend at the time a girl named Cheryl Swanson, she was a cocktail waitress from one of the clubs, who had a severe drug problem back then. It was this girl who introduced John Keehan to Christa Konrath. And she was using Keehans name to try to get what she wanted. So Keehan had alot of personal headaches.

My father says that Keehan was having sex with Cheryl and she would have a bottle of Amiel nitrate or Amies under her nose while having sex with John. John Keehan was never into hard drugs , some marijuana and Navy Grog thats it for John.

And the stess of putting on the 1967 World Championships was extremely streesful for him.

Also at this time he spoke to Billy and my father about religion and his involvement with Lully. Who were both consecrated in Hyde Park by Bertrauix, Mark Lully and John Keehan in 1967 shared the same consecration and ordinations.

He also discusses the mail order business with Billy Jr and John F Creeden Jr and how they could become partners in the mail order business. I ask my father how come you guys and not someone in Chicago. He states that John Keehan was becoming a thorn in their side of the Chicago arts scene at the time. With conduct un-becoming to the arts by the purists in the martial arts in Chicago at the time. Especially Ken Knudson who had 6 schools in the greater Chicago area.

1967 was a turning point in Johns life alot changes in this years his view and the way he looks at thing's

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