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Tuesday, July 1, 2008


1968 advertisement

So Billy my father and others come back from Chicago just before the Septemeber 1967 Championship's. They came back to run the 4 schools in the New England area and promote the World Karate Federation. Billy Jr was given the New England represenative of the World Karate Federation now. Keehan wanted him to build solid schools and build on a format of effective self defense. Which was the mind set of William Jr already. But with Keehan backing him and advising him his schools were the best in New England in the late 60 and 70's.

My fathers states that it was John who built up the New England school to come here. Their was just to much heat on him because of his loud mouth antics and his involvent with the street side of the under world in Chicago at the time. The Purists want John to be ultra clean and spirtually clean, my father just laughs anybody that knew John would know he walked his own path.
John Keehan and the Fall River boys became really close in a short period of time. They had a serious business arrangement. From what was happening with Fall River and what they were doing and what John Keehan was doing in Chicago. Their business arrangement fit like a glove.
John Keehan said to my father that someone was in for a rude awakening in Chicago and he needed some outside muscle to fly into O'hare to handle the problem in Maywood Illinois and Calumet City. But thats a story for later.

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