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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


This is from a letter from the Green Dragons to John Keehan from Tong Sing in Macao, China dated August, 6, 1967 in Sinapore and Aug, 24 1967 in America.

The Followers of the religion and the fighting arts called the "Animal of Chi
Tao" who serve and obey his Greatness Master Tong Sing, Dragon Master and leader
of the Gung fu wu Ming Kuan of Macao, China and Da Sher Wong Lee of the
Manchurian Green Dragon Society recommend The World Karate Federation to all
students who wish to study Okinawan Taiwanese, Japanese or Korean Arts, This is
on behalf of both semi- open and closed temples { claws } of the Persian Zen
Mosques, Afghan Insallah, Indian Tagore and Tibetan Chonyid-Pa which is the
Inner Green Dragon Society.

What my father wants you all to understand is this, the Green Dragon were John Keehan friends someone called John Keehan a faggot after a series of exchanges between students. And that is what started the whole thing, no mystical arts nonsense and trying to steal their logo, Its a Chinese Imperial Dragon anyone can use it. The triangle in the center of the flag means Speed, Power, and Technique.
The main offices for the Green Dragon's were at 918 N. Ashland Ave 15 miles from the 8111 S. Ashland school. But all the schools like some sort of competition, but its always from student to student, and with tradition one would never insult another schools Sensei but if you knew John he loved the crazy shit. Ever read " Karate is for Sissies " it was released the same years. Like I say to my father he was trying to piss on all karate systems calling them ineffective, So he wasn't really liked by a lot of people their.

Also the change in Dragons from the old to new design for the Black Dragon Fighting Society was changed because of the heat he wanted to get away from when he was still under scrutiny from the government pertaining to the murder of Konsevic. people don't truly understand what this did to John he was devastated beyond belief, it was his mistake and atoned for it deeply. In private conversation's my father said that John Keehan said to William Jr it was my fault Konsevic died. Jane Orr best friend of Konsevics found his car the very next day and Konsevic left his personal item's including his glasses in the car so Konsevic was ready for a fight.

John Keehan called William V Aguiar Jr. a week after this happened. On April 24, 1970 is a day of bad judgement. Their were three or four different arguments over stupid street shit for weeks prior between students, their wasn't just one incident, it was a series of stupid petty argument's thats started all of that mess.

Note: I know that my time frame is different with what I was doing but when my father handed me this pieces of paper pertaing The Green Dragon Society. I got side tracked, sorry. I have a picture I need to down loaded it's Luigi DiFonzo childhood home when he grew up in Somerset Massachusett's.

Also Bullshido, I mispelled for a reason{ Art Of War by Sun Tzu} "all warfare is based on deception". Your dealing with Billy's friend's now no it's know, lmfao. hey their are no fuckin files on anybody. Why would I have to that. Hey I'm out of this shit. My mistake was letting people post under my assumed name "Lamokio" nor did I really care. Ya I broke ball's that all.

But my wise father said this "If Barron Shepperdand Floyd Webb had signatures from me and you John their would be no Federal Court case". Do you really think my father see's eye to eye with Billy!

Also a couple questions? From my father

What is the basic gripe about William V Aguiar III?

What is the basic grounds of ownership{ noting that people have claimed that I stole, or my friend stole John' s personal property after his death pertaining a break in?

And anything ex parte te and opinions?

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