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Thursday, July 24, 2008


John Keehan came here in 1968 in the last weeks of August with Barbara Kemp and Christa Keehan to relax and train and see what the potential schools were like and to move and market his show out here. He stayed with my mother and father at 160 Broadway in Fall River. My mother said that he loved Newport R.I. but people were looking at his Cadillac with the big golden crest on the side of the doors.

My mother and father found it weird that Christa Keehan and Barbara Kemp slept in the same bed as John. But hey it was the 60's and that kinda thing was going on all the time.

William Jr threw a party and introduced John Keehan to the New England Karate scene at the time Heil Cho, Nick Cerio, Billy Marsharelli, Du Lo Chen, Fred Vallari, John Almedia, Quan Sop Lee, Paul Fortin. They partied and took in some of the sights. Also in attendance at the party was Louie Di Fonzo this party is how they met.

I asked a question about Keehan teaching in the park right across from the
1968 Democratic National Convention? And I got laughed at by my father and 3
others who were with John Keehan watching the Foreman prelims before the
Olympics this was their answer.

John Keehan was not their at the 1968 Democratic national convention. He
was in Fall River and at the time he was watching the preliminary fights for the
1968 Olympic in Mexico. It was actually the George Foreman preliminary fights
that they watched at the Quequechan club. An exclusive club that is extremely
quite, but has some really powerful people who are members their Senator John
Kerry being one of them. His office is right across the street.

John Keehan was really here to let a situation cool off concering a bad business deal with a person out of Hammond, Illinois and to do some deomonstrations here in Fall River and Somerset, Massachusetts

Floyd Webb once said it all about debunking myth and searching for the facts, and the facts show that old Radford Davis is a straight out bullshitter. John Keehan was no tree hugger by no means, with the things going on in his life. He really didn't have time for that shit. My father did say this, John knew what was about to go on and what was going to happen their their was talk about violence. He got the heads up from Bob Cooley who was a Chicago cop before he was a mob lawyer. Their were a lot of threats about the convention from the Vietnam war protesters

I put this footage here from the 1968 convention, it was no joke their. Dealing with the blacks and the war protests, the time in the 60's was quite violent and unstable. By watching this film it pretty much sum's up the convention.

My next post Louie Di Fonzo, your gonna love this one.


  1. Liars again. John Keehan does not go to Fall River in 1968. He doe not go until 1970. Theese guys is lyin one more time.

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