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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Their is so much of this that people in Chicago and the world don't know about John. he had over 47 profitable businesses in the United States and another 20 overseas that were even more profitable. See this is what everyone doesn't know about John. he already came from an affluent family his dad a doctor and a banker, so money to start up was no problem.

Just the cigarettes and the matches made him one and a half million dollars. Which were Turkish blend he owned a tobacco farm outside of a small town named Esenyurt in central Turkey.

I wanna right this accurately and clear up some misconception's about the time line of the mail order business and and diplomas and the book World Deadliest Fighting Secrets. The book was made in 1968 and then copyrighted in 1969. The ad originally ran in comic books then in magazines like "This is Karate" and "Ring" magazine and "Black Belt".

This from the second page of the catalog which was released in 1971. It would have been released earlier, but Jim Konsevic's death pushed it back almost a year and a half before its release. From John Keehans tax returns he made two million dollars from the book it self. In 1970 William V Aguiar Jr was appointed President of the Black Dragon Fighting Society and the World Karate Federation. See this is when my father John F Creeden Jr became manager and ran the mail order business and the BDFS and the WKF. But John Keehan was at the helm and still CEO of Cherry Productions which at the time over saw the laundry mat, the used car lots the wig companies and his overseas corporations along with several other business that I am not allowed to talk about, also their were business dealing concerning Marc Lully and properties that they both owned in Calumet City, Chicago. And the mail order business was perfect to wash illegal money and also drug money and the money from the pornography. also he was washing money for the mob at that time so cash businesses were the thing to do.

When you read it is say that John Keehan would retire on February 3, 1975 and William V Aguiar would take on all challenges. its also say Wiliam Jr was the President of the BDFS and the WKF. It was from this catalog that had to have to get diplomas. You couldn't get the diplomas before 1971. When Keehan/Dante was forced out of Chicago never to speak to them again.

This is how the mail order business ran, with Christa Keehan and Barbara Kemp running the show their were 11 women who ran the business out of the so called grocery store under the name the "US Gung Fu Society" . Their were several P.O. boxes and the ones who were full from a certain area and had alot of mail for the book that were his would push his advertising. John Keehan had to push his advertising even more but he wanted to market more before the advertising for the book petered out. So he came up with the idea of mail order black belts geared for the ages of 10 to 15 years olds. Along with clothes and other assorted items.

So John Keehan who couldn't trust no one now in Chicago pitched a business deal to William V Aguiar Jr and John F Creeden Jr to invest 25,ooo dollars a piece into the World's Deadliest Fighting Secrets and the catalog. . My father grossed over 135,000 dollars his end in the first year in 1972 in just the return sales of the book.

See in 1969 you could get the book and a brochure a small piece of paper that would give you the so called signed card of Count Dante and that's it, no Diplomas nor no rank was ever given to anyone in Chicago ever.

So in 1971 he sought out more money to bring a catalog, including clothes and yawara sticks, shrukiens, patches and decals and footage of himself fighting a wrestler{ sorry Mike Scremph the Dance of Death wasn't sold to anyone in the catalog or to anyone else, if anyone wants a copy send me your address and I'll mail it to you. To clear up all the bullshit people are throwing.}

Note: I would like to clear this up certain people in the Chicago martial arts scene in the 60's are claiming they were promoted in the BDFS this is not true at all. Felkoff, Day , Dwyer, and Woodrow Edgell. they need to get their stories straight. I write this to save them from embarrassment. All they could do is come up with a fake Felkoff degree supposedly signed by Count Dante and William V Aguiar jr. And if anyone knows anything about The Fall river BDFS we got our Black Belt in the Dante System of Fighting. So until they can come up with a reasonable explanation for this and produce real diplomas the their frauds and fakes. And if you look at the the International BDFS and Felkoffs BDFS site. Its all World Karate Federation. So the more they put up the more frauds they look.
Also so I find this funny John Keehan affiliated with Koga Ryu ninjitsu, Has anyone read Karate is for Sissie's, i think John keehan had a certain disdain for Orientals. this further shows that the Chicago martial artist that are claiming BDFS are way off on how John Keehan thought.
Also Samuel j Lonewolf was not nor ever in the USKA, nor the World Karate Federation nor the Black Dragon Fighting Society. so can someone explain to me who this guys is?
And as far as beatings go from the old guys, were are their students i would like to show some of their students the Dante Fighting System. I will be brining back the World Karate Federation in the coming months. I will bring back the organization that Dante made.


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