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Friday, August 15, 2008


I'm gonna outline this a certain way, sometimes I came across so aggressive you really couldn't understand what I was saying. I know that now, and understand a simple pause and control will get a better effect.

I remember John Keehan so clearly for years back. I remember him standing in the mirror, he was so hyped here, he did demonstrations and demonstrations here. I watched the transformation of John Keehan to Count Dante when he was standing in my fathers bathroom. I really never understood as a child, what he was really doing. I always around him and my father riding around in his big Cadillac with the Dante crest on the door. But you here things, you do as a kid right, I heard things right out of his mouth John Keehans, in alot of ways. I never understood then.

It was about 14 when I really put it together, the names the places the times. See Billys father Bill Jr had it all tucked away the paperwork. And only certain people could see it. I'm gonna outline a little of what I know. NOW I'm gonna piss people off. I'm gonna go to certain times in history, and answer some question about me and Billy.

  1. Me and Billy are not partners in the Federal Lawsuit, my so called business arrangement I wanna open a school here with him and go from their. Their are alot of people here who respect Billy and his father. And my father too, Floyd Webb once said Ashida kim kept the BDFS alive farther than Bill Jr. Did Ashida Kim have a school for 40 years NO, Bill Jr did and it was strong for alot of years, at least at my time. Billy Jr use to laugh at Ashida Kim. He use to say Ashida Kim tie's his belt like tie.

  2. Does Billy own it, Ya he does. He has the negatives to everything and the three Christa letters prove it.And you guys will say, no its not notarized, well you don't need one. That's the way it is.
  3. Who told Floyd Webb he doesn't own it? Good question your not gonna get that view from a copyright search no way. I know what their all thinking, its been this way way before Floyd movie. For 35 years it been this way. he's listening to the people who fucked John Keehan over.
  4. Dwyer, Oh come on this is too funny JAWNEY in his tree house is laughing. Think of the time when Dwyer and John keehan were caught at Wkya's school. Blasting caps and fuses blowing out his windows huh, They were in their mid twenties. Well at the time this is right out of John Keehans own mouth. The were massive Mob bombings their in lower Chicago, that he and Dwyer were doing. that's why Floyd Webb has got an FBI report. Because they were added to the list of potential suspects, they got arrested and the bombing stopped, funny were would someone get blasting cap's and fuses, and not go to jail. THE MOB
  5. Felkoff I've said it once and I'll say it again he ran and came back, he ran. He didn't stand and fight, and ya he fought and still ran. He left a comrade behind he is SF he knew the circumstance. John keehan isn't entirely to blame.
  6. Lawrence Day was one of the Chicago three, I told my father what Floyd Webb said about Day being outside the night of the dojo war, he said DAM RIGHT HE WAS the fucking coward.John Keehan said he was the weakest of the three. Its funny Lawrence Day was never in the WKF and know he wants to be in a fake IBDFS. Just goes to figure, I talked to him he talks like he smokes 5 packs a day.
  7. Marc Lully aka El Shitan if you see the two pictures on the left of the video, were painted by Marc Lully back in 1968 Dante's and 1969 William V Aguiar Jr. There was a cosmic John painting huge at least 5 feet by 6 feet thats burned in the school fire in 1976.
  8. Bertauix his church in the Fine Arts building has been their for 60 years, and was given or ordained by Manuel C . Lampartner, Ya a voodoo gnostic right! If you like young children. Read this go down to Michael Bertrauix you will notice that at the same day Lully was initiated so was John Keehan in 1967. What you don't know is, so was Willian V Aguiar in 1969 by Marc Lully.
  9. Woodrow Edgell, I like Woody but he had no school, the Ju-te school he had, was out of the 8111 and Ashland school, Thats right John Keehans school he was out of the same building and dojo the same dojo just a different door. Thats letter that Floyd posted from Edgell makes me laugh, when he said he helped John keehan with classes. and at Keehan had a 7TH dan in Ju-te
  10. Lets not forget Art Rapkin who had a hell of a time explaining where the tournament money went. Ask him why he was suing Keehan for 100,000 in 1969.
  11. It not me Patricio running the camera, It your good friend Timmy.

See I'm a singular person I see the bullshit they throw I know the truth, I wish you guys could talk to my father he would tell you all of it the time's dates and circumstances. He's the only one left who really knows the truth. so i hoped this helps answering some question

Thank You

Floyd and the old timers you can't re write history, your the people who have disgraced his name in the 60's and now in 2008. Honor his memory and let it go, he did.


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