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Sunday, August 24, 2008


John Keehan and Barbara Kemp

Its opened his door in 1967 and was successful, the address was " HOUSE OF DANTE" 2558 W. Superior in West Town. he opened it right after the tournament in 1967 at Lane Tech. John true love was women he was addicted to them. So whats a better way to do this but to open a hair salon. What people don't realize is he was an accomplished make up artist. This was one of his business that he never touched illegally at all. He was so good that he had to hire several hair stylists to run the salon full time. At this time business flourished, he was booked solid and then he started to teach some of his clients self defense. So his name got bigger and bigger.

He did one girls hair, her name was Jennifer Jackson who was in the March 1965 issue of playboy she was the first African American to grace Playboy. He became so good that he made house calls to the Playboy mansion.And then he started to work their from time to time, because the girls loved him so much. And love them he did two or three at the time. I always wondered were did this guy have time to sleep, he had some much going on.

Later House of Dante expanded to Spain and Italy were John opened salons their and would fly out and do International models and cover shoots and newspaper ad's in Madrid. This helped when traveling with his import export business. House of Dante made 102,000 dollars in 1967 per his tax returns for that year. And almost doubled that the following two years after that. Not bad for cutting and styling. Their were more celebrities in Chicago were John Keehan would do their hair and make-up. One of John keehan good friends and clients was a guy named Mayor Daley. John use to do his wifes hair and also Jack Bennys wife too.

John was well liked in these circles and its was great exposure for him. But John made more money cutting hair at the exclusive South Shore Counrty Club 7509 South Shore Drive were his mother and father were life members their. He made a killing their having a salon he shared with the club and the exposure and advertising were awesome their. They were the Chicago elite and they all loved John in these circles. Also many of the mafia were club members there also includine Giancana , Arcaddo and Roselli. their a fine line between politics and crime I guess.

Note: guys Simmie Williams works at Playboy and So does Floyd, Floyd only tries to rehash shit get something original Floyd you getting tired.

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