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Thursday, November 13, 2008


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Originally Posted by masterofbludd

i get the feeling that isn't what floyd plans to do, as floyd continues to kiss this loser's ass and insist he has real skill. i'm also starting to think that fr bdfs, for as rude as they are, were right on the money when they initially stated that sheppard/ kim and floyd were in cahoots from the get go.

How hilarious! I supposed to take statements like this serious? It means nothing, what YOU think, John Creeden III, has no bearing on any of what I will or will not do in the film.

Only John Creeden III tried to make claims of some kind of "conspiracy" and was an early legal advisor to Bill Aguiar.

The conspiracy exists only in your little mind. You have had every opportunity to learn to play well with others, but you squander every chance you get. You should get a new script to play from, this one hs become very old.

See Floyd your the problem you post something on one blog and go somewere else to slander another person you have to be exposed for the little weasel you are. Your the one who started Billy busted thing. I heard it right out of Felkoff's mouth when I talked to the singapore sailor.

You seem to think your smart Floyd huh,your nothing your a loser. I haven't bothered responding to this little game. But your losing ground the world is seeing your bullshit now. One things for sure I'm suing you hard Floyd and so is my father. Keep my name out of your mouth. I see that you haven't took down the slanderous shit about me from your blog. But you want me to do it. So here what I'm gonna do. I'm putting it all back up. I thought that you have some sense in your feeble little mind. Ya I do hate you Floyd I really do your ignorance is warming.


  1. Was this fugger busted or not. Fess up! Tell the truth. Where is he today? If his ass is not in jail why is he so quiet, the ass hole and you too, dickhead. If it is not him he should say so. But methinks him is exposed. Are you his buttboy or what.

  2. See why dont you tell me your name your are a little pussy like all chicago people ashida kim and barron shepperd, your all fakes and frauds.

    John Keehan would have never worked with any of you.

  3. Fugg John Keehan and you too, you Fall River Fake. What makes you think anybody even care about you. You are a joke.

    You wanna know my name? Give me your address and I will come over and introduce myself if you really want to know my name. You already got a rep online for being a fake ass fighter. Se why don't you give me the address so I can come talk to you about what kind of dumbass fake you are?

  4. I see little coochie boy has nothing else to say. Figures. Creep.

  5. Yeah I found out, little Billy is in jail. He lies about his age. the chimp is realxing in the House of Correction.

    Creeden you gonna be ok by your lonesome withouut your lover Billy?