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Saturday, November 8, 2008


I have been looking into John Keehan in Chicago with the help of my father and John Cole and met some people from the World Karate Federation in the Chicago and Wisconsin area who have gave me these documents. They will not speak with Floyd Webb nor anyone involved with his version of the story. I've seen Chicago for the very first time big place. Been to John Keehans suppose grave.

When I first met one of these people they were quite angered by events the have unfolded. And he told me this is the same stuff that they tried with John in the first place. John Keehan pushed for full contact and they wanted to stay with point karate. They hated John but they still sucked off of him. Now the documents.

This is an part of an article from Woodrow Edgell

When John Keehan was teaching students to fight mainly in tournaments, he had the top winners in the nation. Black Belt Magazine recognized him as one of the best Karate instructors. He had an excellent style with many great fighters. When he became Count Dante, he organized the Black Dragon Fighting Society and taught a more mixed Martial Arts Style. Black Belts disapproved this new system and began to leave his organization. He lost his intensity as a teacher, and changed his life style. I did not want any part of the Black Dragons, or Count Dante, but stayed loyal to John Keehan. I always would teach classes for him when he needed me, but at that time I had my own school and style.

If you look at the picture his Ju-te school was in the Fullerton Schoolthe World karate School HQ. The entrance was the North Side of the World Karate Federation HQ. See at that time Black Belt wouldn't cover Chicago because they were weak. It was John Keehan who brought the respectability in the martial arts. Thats why the World Karate Federation was so successful at that time. I was told by several sources that he was on the outs with Edgell and Dwyer for along time. So Edgell didnt have his own school he was teaching out of Keehans school. Ju-te was a cofounded thing with John Keehan.

I love the last sentence I would always teach his classes for him when he needed me, but at that time I had my own school. He had no school and and the proof of that is overwhelming

Doug Dwyer an accomplished martial artists, who did travel with Keehan to Trias several times . And he did several bombings for the mob with John Keehan only to be caught bombing Gene Wkyas school. Dwyer was one of the closet friend to John Keehan but he was unfortunately one of the hardest betrayels. But truth be told Dwyer had a wife and kids at the time, I'll give him that. But he did use John Keehan in the progression of Dwyers school. Ed Miller trained their for the Championships and used the publications to promote Dwyers school. Also Dwyer he was paid for the World Deadliest Fighting Secrets and Bob Sandon was not the shooter of the pictures pertaing to the books. The person who shot the picture was from Beverly Offset Printing in Illinois.

Also Lawrence Day was never in the World Karate Federation nor the USKA. Also if they want to teach fakes let them it only shows the world what betrayers they are. I really dont care about this situation. I know the truth and the truth will come out when Floyds movie opens. Only to expose them even more.

The problem was that John Keehan knocked the purist and told them including Dwyer and Edgell that their styles were weak and they were not effective for street application. Its real funny that the real fighters the black ones stayed loyal to John they are the real fighters and their loyality was never in question.


  1. Please tell me where is John Keehan buried. I want to go lay a wreath on his grave.

  2. He does not know where Keehan is buried. They are all liars and fakes.

  3. Chicago people dont know shit of Keehan and his life after 1970, I know the truth and you dont thats why your problem.

  4. You fool. You really believe that shyte you are talking? You are delusional. You were what, 8 years old trying to be in grown people's business. You got no life sonny. You trying to live off Dante's fame because you got none of your own. You and that hafwit Aguiar are the joke of the martial arts world. You were not smart enough to see a good thing when it hit your dumb asses in the face and now whta do you got? Aguiar in jail and you spinning half true bullshit. CAn you spell L-O-S-E-R???

  5. My bullshit is fact.but you don't want me to talk on how it really was.

    my father knew Dante personally for over ten years. My fact dis lodge Floyd webbs movie. And thats why you hate me. Use your real name and be a man.


    I have pictures of me and Dante, do you no, I know way more than you'll ever know. your just a hater because i write the truth.