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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


John Keehan had alot of things going in the 60's. His tournaments were all successful, all the affilated schools had several winners in the Black Belt division. And the cash was rolling in John had several business at the time, laundry, wigs, and grocerey stores, and even had a car lot, hair dresser, pimp, drug pusher, gun runner, and lets not forget the porno shops " They paid well". Everyone wanted a piece of him.

And he loved it. From what I'm told he was a fuckin ball buster in a half and had the balls and the money to back it up. And he was on top and into the Chicago scene heavy in all aspect money,women and action. He craved action my father said "the action was the juice for John". Threw all his endeavours he never swayed from his students and his commitment to the arts.

A person from Chicago told me when he'd pull his Count Dante antics people would laugh, but they still came to his school in hundreds, all his schools were showing profits. John Keehan was a person of many accomplishments, His life was successful in many ways, but absolute power corrupts absolutely. And in Johns case what a life he lead and in a way to his head, but my father said he was very grounded and he knew what he was doing.

P.S. Also you will notice in the flyers they were full contact matches, no Felkoff, Dwyers and Days aloud lol

Seriously I have some major finds about John in the next couple of weeks it will be enlightening.

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  1. Are You trying to say that Dwyer was nt around back in 1968?