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Sunday, March 8, 2009


Floyd Webb NEEDS TO REALIZE WE KNOW EVERYTHING THEIR IS TO KNOW ABOUT JOHN KEEHAN. He was my fathers personal friend. This stuff really pisses him off. I told Floyd Webb sometime ago this was Marc Lully. Well heres the proof. Looks like an older Marc Lully doesnt it. This footage was shot in the basement in his Tiara apartment. These guys hung around together.
I ask my father all the time "did he keep his personall life separate from his martial arts life and he always answerered "yes" he did.. But martial arists are egotists and they loved the broads John would bring around Fuck he said they were Playboy bunnies.. And john would gross them pout by telling them he would go down on girls with their periods and then he would pick the blood clots from his teeth.. He tells me that Im just like John and Bill and my father. Ball busting. And that what John keehan was a ball buster. That was John being John...
What you must all remember, they were personel friends of John Keehans.
I was sitting in the car with my father and I asked him about John Keehan being ostracized. And specifally the dojo war. My father laughed and said Jim Konsevic was no choir boy and it would be a shame if Floyd Webb portrail of him would be like that..Who knows he said when he watches it he will know what the truth and whats bullshit..
As for being ostrasized that had more to do with him tell in the purists that their kata sucked and it was inneffective.
Floyd Webb said to Chris Piescala that the were all part of some scam the "monestary of the seven rays"mail order thing, I say bullshit Marc Lully was a satanist and so was his gay counter part Bertrauix.
I've known of these people dating back into the early eighties. And my father knew them all personally in the 60's and the 70's.. Its you guys who dont know the truth..

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