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Sunday, March 29, 2009


Its is Bill Aguiar to his right, I know all the black belts in this picture, they were my instructors guys come on grow up. I can name them all. These people are my fathers friends to this day. So whos lying. And it was shot in the Durfee Street school in FALL RIVER MASSACHUSETTS.

I love this cloak and dagger shit everybody wants to talk but no one wants their name on it.

1. Here's your 1967 flyer, see the number of people who are not talking to Floyd Webb because its bullshit. So I'm directing this at Floyd, I have helped you I gave you the name of the wrestler, His name everybody is Horst Rheinhart, but that not his real name. SSSShhhh Fall River secret. Lets just say that he was very close to Bill Jr and My father. I'll give you a little story of Tea San Tanaka the wrestler drinking beer on Horseneck beach in Westport Mass with John Keehan, my father and William III and this wrestler. At a place called Shandy's it was at the mouth of Gooseberry Island. And thats how the wrestler met John Keehan.

So your Souther Illinois story about the footage pan out, I think not. We have the 8mm and the beta format. So yet again you fail.

Oh I also sent you info on John Keehan International Businesses, when I sent mail to 3 to 1 studios, with Pieschala's BDFS and WKF certs. It took Pieschala 4 months to get them.

Back to the 1967 Flyer, I got more boxes of my fathers shit. Like I said I can do this all day long.

2. I attack people, no Webb I tell the truth. Like Lawrence Day he was one of the Chiacgo three who ran out the door during the dojo war. So your really think John Keehan would give him a black belt. Read the story John called Konsevic and he call the weak three, John Words "Lanky". They were Konsevics students not Johns. If you notice Lawrence Day is not even in the WKF and he thinks hes BDFS. John Keehan hated the Chicago three. John Cole flipped out when he knew he was involved so did my father. My fathers exact words SCUM CRAWLING AT HIS HEALS. So now call my father and John Cole liars go head, ya they know nothing is that what your trying to say Floyd.

Also Gregory Jaco was commanded by John Cole in Special Forces in the early sixties. Buy many account coming out of Chicago Jaco ran a school of thugs. hamza my ass.

3. Their a whole bunch of people who were significant Ed Miller, Robert Gore,Gordain Granrath, Sidney Bennett, Robert Gans, Robert Kylatta. Floyd Webb only wants you to hear from people whom he has chosen. All the bad ones.

4. Ask Art Rapkin why was he suing John Keehan for 100,000 in 1969, I know why but will he admit it.

5. Chris Pieschala. Chris has been a piece maker in this. But like people involved he had his own questions. I talk to him regularly so does my father. His instructor knew my father and William Jr and John Kkeehan out here. I will not go into particulars. He is well schooled in this and hes the one who lead Floyd to Bertrauix and Lully. Its so funny that Floyd has never asked Bertrauix were Lully is.

Chris by his own choice started to post on Bullshido, all i told him is tell the truth, that's IT. This goes way deeper that all of you know.

Floyd maybe has 2 maybe 3 rocks in that bag, and small ones at that.

6. I posted the proof of the Ju-te flyer what more do you want my respect those guys, not that group no way. WHAT ABOUT FUCKIN ANDY WILSON, Floyd wont touch the Black Panthers no he wouldnt dare do that.

7. I dont care one bit about your fuckin court case, Hey Billy put the squeeze on you and you didnt fight personal jurisdiction thats your mistake not mine. You have tried to put me up against Billy. This I wont do, Guys if you dont believe me I have the e-mail directly from Floyd Webb from Piescahala giving me David Klufts number. Do you really think I'm going to a lawyer who tried to put me in jail, and I know it was all you Floyd after all lawyers work for your clients. I'm not stupid. But you cant silence the truth.

You know what your like a book burner like the Nazi's, trying to burn history. And trying to destroy people lives along the way.

In closing I tried people to help Webb behind the scenes but he to childish, I have tied to make peace. Sorry Floyd I must destroy you now, meaning your movie and the people in it.


If I'm such a liar then why try to shut me up, Its because your trying to destroy John Cole and my fathers lineage and that my friend I will not let happen. I only post the truth your the liar.

Also Difonzo was born her a childhood buddy of Aguiar Jr and my father, the Purulator robbery was from here. So what do you have Floyd nothing.

To Ashida and Barron and Marty cale I'm coming for you boys. So get ready for the ride. You want karate matches you'll get one. Just let the court case settle. And the fun will begin. Well not ashida and Barron their going back to court. So that leave just you Marty Cale oh shit you too. With Billy suing you all their be no one left to fight. Oh well their always the Singapore sailor


  1. are you taking your medication? you are the same bipolar bratt you were in 1975.

  2. Oh my god another alias from Webb. What a fuckin piece of shit.

  3. AnASSymous, would you like to fight it out. DO you dare test your skill against mine? Of course you don't.

    You will always be AnASSymous online and never surface to get another beating that you deserve so well.

  4. For one this isn"t Creeden and two, I would put you down hard buddy.

    You seem to think that his story isnt getting out their. Its history martial arts history.


    See I know Creeden, You guys dont want to come out and play. Nobody I mean nobody has come to get them. They would mail them back to Ashida's dead mother and father. Even you showed up.




  5. They never showed their fuckin head. Floyd webb is a pussy and and he bought and paid for by frauds.


  6. You guys are way less than pussy. You probably rump ride each other. Asses who love ass. Back in my day you would not dare speak. Here on the internet you are so brave. Yet you run from every fight.

    You have never won a fight outside a point match anyway. Your fathers should be ashamed of you and your instructors as well. You guys do not fight you do not work out.

    You sit on the internet and whine about a history that is not even yours. You are a disgrace to that history. At least Dante was a successful businessman before he went bananas. What are you?

    Where is your school and where are your students. Where are your martial arts? You have none. You are just street brawlers who get owned after a Friday night beer. There are bars out here you cannot even go into because you are laughing stocks. You dare not come to a tournament or open MMA Match on the East Coast because you know some of the guys are gunning for you. just hope you or any so-callled black dragon from FAll River dare take a challenge.

    All the pictures you show are from 40 years ago. You know nothing about those days. Are you even 40? None of you are the guy. You are all wanna bes.

    ASSnonymous is a good name for you.

  7. So somebody need to openly challenge them, it hasnt happen yet.

    And the person challenged has the home field advantage. So you need to go their, and you wont.

    Are you the one no, I think you cant satify your wife you need Billy and Creeden to do that,lol

    You have such anger, why Floyd isnt fuckin you in the ass, Or you not sucking off ashida kim.

    You hide like a little bitch.

  8. My name is John Timothy Keehan you ass. What is yours? That is the name on my drivers license. Give me your name, I will make sure someone is avalaible at your request, should you feel up to a private lesson. Creeden already learned his lesson ask him and watch him lie. His dad is pretty ashamed of him. I talked to him and he said so. He wanted John to be a better man but he messed up. All he has is a punk for a son. But hey we all know you are Creeden. I have to go to mmy JOB now. I don't have time to play with you all day.

  9. Creeden will nver fight, we had him cornered and he beg lik a litle bitch. The Fat Dragon got his ass kick here in Fall River. Eberybody knows it. Creden does not have any balls left because they got kick out his big mouth. He speaks in a high voice now..listen how he whines online.

  10. Norman hedgehog said:

    So Creedon has been smacked around huh? What are the details? Berty tells me that Creedon was smacked around and good as well. Is it true that he ran? if so thats awful.

  11. You know I really don't understand how this creeden guy can even talk with Billy's balls in his mouth. What kind of a freak is this guy. Here in Fall River they are both jokes.

  12. You talk well with Floyd Webbs balls bouncing off of your chin,lmmfao

  13. John Creeden III is migty quiet these days people. He wont come out and identify himself like a real man should. He is a coward and a pussy who hides behind the computer. A disable obese freak with martial art fantasy who post under other name on bullshdio. He is bullshido and yes, he do have billy dick in his mouth, gaggging him to stupidty and he like it very much.

    I am Anonymous, but I will tell you my nam when I bounce you head off the concrete at Ruggles Park if you dare bring that fat ass over. We can have fun.

  14. Nobody has came no one showed up.
    Your all fakes and frauds who cant hold my jock strap. Hey and stop sniffing it. Those are real mens balls.

    Not Floyds banging off your chin.

    Wait to the court case is over, go run and hide. Thats what you people are best at. Look at Chicagos lineage their known runners, just ask Felkoff and Day. They had their track sneakers on the day of the Dojo war.

    And your not from Fall River, I know the martial artists from around here. The only jerk off here is Kempo Joe rebello.

    You wanna fight, lets fight give me your real name. I get the funeral arrangements for you. And we'll go from there.

    Until then stop the balls from hitting your chin.

  15. Kiss my left nut Creepen. I will gte you just like Berty said you were got before. You got nothing, see.I am not telling you my name. We goin to have a little dance you and me. But not wjhen you expec. You a little sissy boy Crrep. you got no balls.