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Friday, May 1, 2009


I have not posted anything of substence here lately so I will compose and old school rhyme for our friend Lob Creed III otherwise known as

No Floyd not me, and your wrong. But I will help you is this the one threatening you??????

If so Ive heard of this email address. He came sending Billy emails saying he had the goods on Barron Shepperd and Ashida kim. This was about a year ago. We we called him on it he dissappearsed.

Floyd I would never hurt you in any way. Its just busting balls to me.

But I will help you, and I bet Billy would to.

Dude Illl be your bodyguard me and Pieschala,lol


  1. In Fall River you are a nobdy. what bodyguard///bodyguard???. We got your number John. You are too stupid to know how much you embarass us out here. But you will get yours real soon. You think this is all such a joke you fool. You have no martail arts John that is why you talk so much. You don't teach you got no school and your wife threw you out for not being able to give her what she needs in anyway. you sorry pathetic fool. why don't you just shut up? You trying to cash in on Aguiar. People know what is happening. You think you can take over the Black Dragon dynasti because Billy is stupider than you are. You know who I am come down to our school and I will tell you face to face what I think of you. How many beatings have you had this year anyway/ I hear you whimper like a bitch. At lest you still talk shit when you are laid out. I want to see that. We don't need any more Black Dragom shit in Fall River, it is almost dead anyway, just two guys, sad. Let's end this John. No more Black Dragon shit in Fall River.

  2. Hey anonymous,

    There are more of us than you know you idiot!

    Shut the fuck up and publish who you are, and stop hiding behind your illiterate rubbish that you write. Either show up and do it or shut the fuck up and crawl back into your hole. Talk about being stupid. John isnt hiding behind anonymous posts, you are! Who is the cunt? Or are you to stupid to figure that out?


  3. It lik Berty said. Know nothing Creden and Billy boy gumming up the works for the rest of us in Fall River.

    lightweight punks all of you.

  4. So creedon is he respected in Falls River or not? Is it true that Billy took the short bus to school?

    I have heard some beatings were handed out... is it true? anyone can confirm?

    Please time and places.... I trust Berty and all but there are some guys in Chicago that want to know if they should waste their time handin out anymore bitch slaps to these two retards or not...

    Spiney Norman, the duke of oil.