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Sunday, May 10, 2009


Floyd Webb knows nothing of John Keehan. Credability Floyd you have none at all.....

My father John Creeden Jr 8th Dan { Haitichi Dan } in the World Karate Federation and the Black Dragon Fighting Society. and personnel friend of John Keehan, now how personell you might add. And how much he knows.

Lets start off with Lully and Bertrauix... and this picture

This rings were owned by John Keehan and he gave it to my father, because he trusted him.. Not Dwyer nor Edgell, nobody in Chicago.

This ring was owned by Aliester Crowley John Keehan bought them while in England. Actually their are two of them. And their was a female ring that my father destroyed. John Keehan gave them to Billy Jr and my father to keep them away from Bertrauix and Lully and members of the Choronzon Club and Club Medusa.

Now Pieschala gets involved and he knows all about this. He starts to talk to Pieschala and their notes are the same. Stories about Lully and the porn and the occult bookstores are identical. So we start talking about JOHN DANTE his spirtual name and what was his intentions, well control over the weak minded for one.

So were speaking about the occult bookstore and talking about Keehan religious intentions. pieschala talks about Lovell Deleon the owner and consevator of the occult bookstore. Now here some funny thigs that happened.

1. My father can describe Lovell to a tea.
2. My father sent Pieschala to the occult bookstore, and asked Lovell to see Rose Croos book that Lovell had in his possession. Not on display at all. Pieschala went to Lovell and asked him to see it. Lovell asked how he knew this book was in his possession considering that no one knew he had it....
See Lully owned the Occult Bookstore......

Heres the book. and the proof. Something Floyd Webb cant do post the truth.

See Pieschala knows more about John Keehan than Floyd Webb thats for sure.

Also Pieschala told me that "I'm the guy" is Floyd Webb.

It seems they were joking one day and Pieschala mentioned it, and Floyd ran with it. joey Chicago and now I'm the guy. Floyds a piece of shit thats for sure.....

The real memebrs of the Fall River Black dragon fighting Society are everywere...


  1. Yeah Floyd sucks!!! The Creedons on the other hand would never take any money from those scumbags Barron and Kim now would they?

    Berty Querty

  2. How many times has Creedon benn kicked off bullshido for lying? Anyone? Anyone?