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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This is the from my fathers and John Keehan notes pertaining to the mail order busniness. This is the set up genuis. When Pieschala was here we took him to Christies now 41no in Newport Rhode Island. And sat him down and showed him Keehans personal notes and letters, the way the man thought and how he felt about several of Floyd Webb people he interviewed.

When you see the archive Pieschala didnt know were to start. I gave him the originals of the World Karate Federation and the rolls and ranks and affiliations in the groups. Next was the monies and investments into the other schools and start up capital his first corporations.

I also showed him what I call the wash able business that John Keehan had Grociey store , wigs companies, hair salons from around the world{ I sent Floyd Webb Count Dantes business card that said Rome, Madrid and Spain.} I've tried several times to help Floyd Webb to no avail. What people dont really know about John keehan he had so many businessess. My father said the mail order p.o. boxes numbered in the hundereds for the mail order business. And if the returns were large from one P.o. box thats were John Keehan would put his advertising money.

The meeting between Billy III and Chris was a touchy one. Builly see Chris as a Floyd Webb supporter. I think so to time to time of that same speculation. But they are who they are. But their on an even keel.

Pieschal and Billy III talk all the time, they really dont trust each other. But they talk. When Pieschala was here he met Billy and they again stomached each other. But they could really be good friends under different circumstances.

I said it many times before it was the way Floyd Webb and Barron Shepperd coming at my father. You had no permission to give my fathers number to anyone. My fathers laughs for an extra 500 and signatures it would have been it.

My fathers also wants everyone to know this " The President of House of Dante isnt William Jr its Billys mother Linda who still alive and kicking. Let the lawyers read that one a living witness besides my self were their when the signing with Christa took place. Linda Aguiar was the President Of House Of Dante in the 70's. Their are alive witness to the transfer....

To everyone and I remember you' John Patricio and Barron Shepperd posted all your corresponding email pertaing to me and billy a couple of years ago on John Patricios web site. So stop crying about personell emails.

Pieschal gave me your own personell correspondence call me and Billy III. Northern White Trash. When I find it its going up on the net. But I really dont have the time right now to look for it.

And Floyd Webb is Joey Chiacgo or someone you know.

Heres the link to Joey Chicago

This goes back to 9/25/2006 The Ip's are from the Jazz Institue Of Chaicago. If it isnt you it was somebody working on your agent. This was a full year before my involvement they were trying to break Billy III down.

Back to Piescahalas visit he was well versed in the arts. We showed him the archives and the film footage of John Keehan and Ed Parker 1959 blew his mind. See it only solidifies what Ive been saying all along, and that is Floyd Webb is way off.

He should speak to people who were his friend and business partners. They new him personally. Talk to Barbara Kemp she will tell you straight out how it was, no problem talking to Piescahala.

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  1. I agree and this is true.
    Except the part about me & Billy becoming friends. Good acquaintance yes, he's always nice and (for Billy) polite to me (& loves his kid). So like normal people Fall River, Chicago's Barb Kemp .. I think are all nice people been nothing but nice to me.
    Now lets talk Floyd Webb
    My break with Floyd,
    Proof he is a liar (I logged him in Yahoo).
    What a wack job Floyd is.
    Typical threat from our film producer,
    ** YaWN ** Gets old!!! So I gave my thoughts and posted a map to my house ;-)
    Then they break out Frank Dux .. well I fixed his little red wagon too and even tell the story of the truth of the story of "Bloodsport"
    Then hit him,
    And link him to Ashida Kim via South Africa.
    They threaten my kids, FYI that link in my post is to John F. Creeden III's blog; his father is the sole survivor of that group
    Jimmy K's Death
    John F. Creeden III explaining the occult links & busting Verne Gilbert
    Those are the real eye rings if you know about the A.'.A.'. "Silver Star". And Floyd's Doctorate in divinity, Bertiaux live two floors above him creepy icky.
    I'll end with a clear explaination on why John even changed his name. Maybe *wink*
    ---- End, but the Fat Floyd isn't singing --