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Saturday, July 4, 2009


Oh almost forgot this ..Right off Floyd's blog early days .."John Keehan at large....still looking.I guess I have come to the conclusion that I should not try to figure John Keehan out. I have been relistening to interviews."So you are not even trying Ok that helps explain your actions."He is forgiven much by many of his friends of 40 years ago."Who said that? A dead man they back stabbed or you now speak for John? If he were alive Floyd, that statement would have guaranteed you got to meet him.

He hated them to the end to the point I think it's just a Fall River tradition now. How do I know? Not saying just do .. I am done trying to explain myself to a dipsh** who "isn't even trying."They do not forgive him for his recklessness, they celebrate him for his contributions." COUGH COUGH! Sorry had a little vomit with that one .. but humor me quick Keehan impression, "What? My recklessness?! F*** them! I contributed not them! They rode on my coat tails eating my scraps. Then they ran & turned their backs on us and it cost me my best friend. [temper fit of expletives followed by a proper chat]"I'm just guessing I'm sure that was the PG version of what the respone would have been & it would have been meaner and funnier. Unlike somebody else I don;t and can't speak for him beyond the man I knew of, whould have gotten very pissed with that retarded comment

."I cannot get that unmarked grave out of my mind."Why not? You interviewed Cooley I know he could answer it if you had balls to ask and it was in his interests & safe to do so. Besides there is no room left in your mind, it is filled with ideas of how great you think you are.You say I AM OBSESSED with this story? I probably know more about this than the Chicago three .. I always forget their names though .. Moe, Larry Curly .. Happy, dopey sleepy .. the 3 musketeers and their trust side kick (that's you Floyd).You seem like this is an amazing intriguing epic. It really isn't that hard. Seriously. But the hyper sold magazines .. so they were cashing in on John because every good story needs a good villain. I am still not really in what you could the "John Keehn Fan Club". .I guess that makes Creeden the third a freaking genius or rocket engineer then .. no he's just abrasive .. but not a liar.

Not the man I know, neither is his Dad, my instructor nor myself .. You were just unwilling to listen i.e. "Don't go to go Fall River .. just my advice.""Why?1 I might just do tha _I_ was invited." (yeah by Creeden the 3rd)"Well, I wouldn't" (and I'm a master .. and who are you?)"Why?!""Because I was advised not too.""Why?! I just might."Floyd because I have enough class not to ask "Why?!" to people I respect.Why (?!) are you so disrespectful? Why (?!) can you appolize or ad mit it when you are wrong? So if Dwyer isn't one of the members of the short bus .. I must have called it right. Yeah he was there in the early days and the 1964 when things got big. This fifteen minutes were in WDFS .. they ended a half hour ago. So he screws over John's memory by siding with that turd as Ashida Kim .. Floyd has a certificate in that too check his blog or the picture he's in with them with that big "I just pumped the neighbor's dog" look .. Look who I am with, now I am finally cool. Yeah look who you ARE with .. They probably got picked last at kick ball tooFloyd "you ain't cool you're chili .. and chilli ain't never been cool (gives me gas)".

Or another one from those times I wasn't their so I realize you speak in more advanced concepts and langauges .. do bear with me while I try to get it right. "If you have to act cool .. you ain't .." Ya dig man? .. please top with the I'm older and there for smarter crap .. it gets old. "If you have to act smart .. you ain't .." Actually you should know better... So if "I just seriously pissed of the old timers" like Floyd thinks intimates me. F*** them. I live right here in Bolingbrook. I am the heir of the big biker from the Ashland school and ran with the big dogs and also knew John Keehan and the whole crew better than they could in their best wet dreams .. I was hand picked and groomed to take over .. screwing with me is is screwing with him .. I think you know that.And you old ladies Joe Joe says I shouldn't piss off. Just to be thourough "F*** you I live in Bolingbrook." Not Fall River, so if you're not to much the cowards to come over.Call you'd be ahead of Floyd .. and at least it's not long distance.

Just so you don't have any more excuses and I STILL have to hear about this .. I know they knew him because they won't scew with me and they were brave when protected by geography so they.. called Creeden (who told them to @$@$@#$ themselves) & Billy, I don't speak Billy I don't know what he said but it was probably about the same thing ..There now Floyd you can take it out on me .. the guy who tried to help you out.So to prevent any further excuses .. number can't find you I'm attaching a map. I hope it helps you back up your mouth and "truth""Ok where'd the rest of the usual assholes go?

Can we now get back to talking about the d***head Frank Dux?"In communications with Frank, he stated that the I.F.A.A. has since disbanded and that the Black Dragon Fighting Society is a "derivative affiliate" of the former organization, which was still in existence when the 1980 Black Belt magazine article was written. "Translation: I'm a big freaking lying fraud. I'm am staling John's China story I heard over barracks talk. (Where'd Brarron go ?)" This might also help to explain why an online search for the I.F.A.A. yields such a small number of results. The Black Dragon Fighting Society (BDFS) is a sponsor of the Kumite in the Bloodsport movie. It should be noted that the BDFS acknowledges Frank Dux's championship titles and world records, which are listed on their South African website." Gee I didn't know Billy was so cool that had schools there Did I miss anybody? I think Creeden handled Bertiaux well enough. Everybody else seems to have left. Maybe Dux got a call from Lt. Col Robert Brown or "Bobby" as John Jr. calls him .. before he bores me with a Vietnam story to explain it. (he just forgot he already told me, no disrespect to the man. Creeden the 3rd, will probably print this for him and he's gonna laugh)

Geez!!!! LOOOK AT THIS! I've been typing all this time because I've been waiting for Joe Joe to sign into skype which he still hasn't even though he is on Yahoo and not idle. Maybe he doesn't want to talk.Sincerely,Master C. C. PieschalaMAP:,735&scale=324767&type=map&center=41.81547,-87.856807&key=mjtd%7Clu6t250ynq%2Cbl%3Do5-h625&session=4a53d9fd-0333-0008-02b7-624a-001e4f14a711&stops=A,41.883823,-87.632469,0,0B,41.6811,-88.1421,0,0&&&&&rand=4203


  1. Thanks for putting that up .. I needed that in my life Creeden.

    I see the point though, this is the guy bashing me on .. what are we on now 100 pages of bullshido? Then bored playing on google I read this.

    "FRIDAY the 13th -
    Meet the Filmmaker live and direct from Federal Court in Boston
    Watch for a series of fundraisers coming to help complete The Search for Count Dante.

    FRIDAY, June 13, 7:00 pm
    1164 N Milwaukee Ave

    From the late 1960’s to the early 1970’s John Keehan aka “Count Dante”was the most famous and controversial figure in the martial arts and was deeply involved with “the invisible sciences” and was student of Micheael Bertiaux.Come to a PREVIEW SCREENING of the film, The Search for Count DANTE,at
    The Occult Bookstore, Chicago, 1164 N Milwaukee Ave, 7:00 pm
    Featuring a demonstration of Count Dante's Techniques by Master Chris Pieschala "

    "Meet the Filmmaker live and direct from Federal Court in Boston " -- Wow! Like he is Gandi defying the British when in reality just little Billy $300 and representing himself ...

    "Live and Direct" ?????
    He was late showing up left early didn't even stay for the demo where Louvel the owner and Green Dragon is going to do a demonstration with a Black Dragon and member of "The House of Dante" .. After they murdered Jimmy that demonstration was truly one of a kind.

    Green & Black Dragon members doing a demo using the techniques you would have to been at the "Dojo War" to see anything more authentic.

    I will honestly admit Louvel was a lot better than I thought .. all BS aside. In practice, privately we went at it pretty hard .. demo stuff just to know how much to tone it down and still give a good show.

    Floyd is class with a capital "K". That picture is as close as I ever got to being thanked .. Let alone Louvel who was "honored to do it" & he got bruised up too. Not one complaint.

    Master C. C. Pieschala

  2. Thanks so much for your efforts to publicize my film by being total asses online. In spite of all your spelling errors you always get my name right.

  3. Yeah Floyd still waiting on you too.
    Are you surprised Creeden posted that? I'm not & I got nothing to hide lunchbox. What are you hiding?

    Sure I hope we are promoting your "documentary" because we are also unlike you telling the truth. You damn well none of this stuff wasn't offered to you first.

    You forget Joe Joe that while Creeden and I were duking it out on your lame ass blog. He called me and "manned up". I have the chat logs telling you about it.

    John's not the phone type nor am I but it was five hours and we knew the EXACT same stories right down to the nonpublic details. Legally that IS PROOF. So fuck your definition tubby.

    Then you publicly slander me and say that I am insane?! I don't know about insane but you know I'm pissed and crazy enough to post your chat logs right in Bullshido for the whole world to read you smack talking people & trashing people who helped you. Test me, I know your temper and it makes you just stupid enough.

    So yeah, I'll help Creeden promote your shit. He gets paid every click, the donations haven't been bad either. I even hope you beat Billy and win HUGE just so you can give it all to Creeden.

    So if you ever do release more than the film on your teeth and flapping gums.

    Your film will be at best in the $4.99 local drug store bargain bin next to the other lame assed comedies. And you can give it all to Creeden for all I care, you made it personal. That and integrity is all it took. And this isn't the only blog it is on, I know many martial artists.

    By the way who gave you Bertiaux's name. Nobody in Fall River did & wasn't me. One of your Chicago saints? Or should I detail that one too?

    Now how do YOU like the spot like bitch? I'm just getting started on your fat lying ass.

    Master C. C. Pieschala