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Saturday, May 23, 2009


Pieschala mentioned Argenteum Astrum and now exposes the truth.Its is a early Crowley group. The first actually. He is very well versed. Heres is Mark Lully It hard to believe in this picture that this guy owned 4 porno house and ran undergound porn. I get this picture from a Bertrauix link matter of fact And go half way down the page. And their it is.

This is were the eyes comes from from. Argenteum Astrum. Floyd you wanted your proof well their it is. Its was all Marc Lully. "John Dante" was his spirtual name he was seeking enlightment. You know Floyd "Cosmic John" were do you think this type of thing comes from.

Argenteum Astrum was the magical order founded by Aleister

after leaving the Hermetic
Order of the Golden Dawn
. It was synonymously known as the Order of the
Silver Star, originally developed by S. L. Mathers in the Golden Dawn, but
gradually became more adapted toward Crowley's bisexual orientation. Many known
occultists were in its membership including Victor Neuberg, and for a brief
period Austin Osman Spare. The Argenteum Astrum (abbreviated A:. A:.) later was
incorporated into the Ordo Templi Orientis (O. T. O.). A.G.H

So you see the ring goes way back to the original Crowley group.

The Argenteum Astrum (abbreviated A:. A:.) later was incorporated into the Ordo Templi Orientis. The same group thats is lead by Bertrauix.

See Marc Lully ran the Chronzon Club and was its master. This was a major part of John Keehan life. And they were close business partners.

See thats why John keehan got 18 different rights, Ordinations and Doctor of Divinity. Floyd webb wants proof well get ready for it Webb. Its coming for you.

A story by my father.

When my father met Marc Lully he was in an adult bookstore with
a hose washing down the "Jerk off" rooms with a hose hosing down the
semen, after that they went out partied. The next day I wont go into
alot of detail.They went to a black mass and they were eating food off of
naked womens bodies, and chantting incantations. This went on for an hour. Then
they brought in the young boys and my father had enough, John Keehan said to my
father " you cant leave right now you have to weight until the end. My father
said fuck this and left, Keehan followed 15 minutes later and the William Aguiar
Jr followed Keehan.

Then Marc Lully came out naked and had some sort of fluid on him. And asked them to stay for dinner. His treat, John Keehan said no. And then went behind the desk at the Chronzoan Club grabbed the money that had to be kicked up to Sam Giancana.

The next day they were at John Keehan Tiara apt. When Marc Lully came in with over 30 women for them to choose from. "To do thy will with them" his quote.

I leave you with this picture of John Keehan unreleased. You tell me what around his neck. Let the people be the judge.


Its looks like a Pentagram over a picture of Christ. You wanted it you got it. THE PROOF

I add this for a timeline.

The Qabalistic Alchemist Church of April 1, 1960 – was founded by over 20 people. High Masons and Ethiopian Alchemest [sic] Church – 10000 of years old, and Eastern Orthodox Catholic. (Arch Bishop Theodotus of New York and Society of Rosicrucians in America…)” [19]
Webb, as a bishop, stayed loyal to the officially incorporated ‘Qabalistic Alchemist Church’ and his own ‘Ordo Argenteum Astrum’ (its English version published the “Equinox Magazine”).
The Gnostic Catholic Church Boast or How William Breeze lost his Apostolic Succession

Marc-Antoine Lullyanov
Born on January 5th 1949 in Chicago, in 1966 he became a minister of the ‘Spiritual Church’, as well as joining the Martinists, and the Vice-President of a Theosophical Lodge in Chicago. [20]

M.P. Bertiaux
On March 31st 1966, Bertiaux moved from Chicago to live at Wheaton in Illinois. In time the Chicago group [C] grew older, and shrank to barely a dozen members, or so it appeared to Bertiaux. As reading-material they used some books left to them by Ruby Jones (C.S. Jones’s widow). These books were later bought up by Marc Lully[anov] “Tau IV”. The XI° people in the CC went to see Bertiaux’s course of Theosophical lectures, where the youngest member Marc Lully made Bertiaux’s acquaintance in January 1966, and became a member of ‘”La Couleuvre Noire’.

Bertiaux also visited Golden Dawn-inspired groups, various Martinists, and the ‘Achad Society’, which Ruby Jones ran. In his taped “Historical Reflections” of 1978, Bertiaux decribed the atmosphere of depression and boredom that these cults emitted, traits which their respective leaders seemed to possess in person.

The meetings of the CC were held naked, and without female participation; most of the participants were black, for instance from boxing circles. The teachings of C.S. Jones, Russell, and Crowley were not favoured. Bertiaux thought that it had all got very “demonic”.
In January 1966 Bertiaux was initiated into Lully’s CC. [21]

January 18th 1967: Marc Lully became a member of the Ecclesia Gnostica Spiritualis under Bertiaux.
August 10th 1967: Marc Lully assisted at the exchange of consecrations between Bertiaux and Shreves.
November 4th 1967: Marc Lully and Shreves became bishops of the QBL Alchemist Church through Webb. The “charter… is XI°, only.” [22] Bertiaux believed that Shreves represented the ‘authentic’ O.T.O. [23]

December 22nd 1967: Lully and one George Adams exchanged “initiations” at the ‘Spiritual Church’ (previously mentioned in association with Lully) at Chicago’s Hyde Park. [24]

December 25th 1967: Marc Lully initiated Bertiaux.
January 18th 1972: Lully was ordained through the offices of Hector-Fran├žois Jean-Maine.
Later in the 1970s H.P. Smith was frequently seen with W.W. Webb.
Bertiaux and Lully made enquiries to Shreves’s PGHS [D] in California about Franklin Thomas’s “64 Blocks”.
In 1977 Lully became the ‘Imperator’ of the OTOA, and supposedly had an alliance with the OTO run by Hansen “Kadosh” in Copenhagen. Bertiaux thought that the Scandinavian O.T.O. was of Theodor Reuss’ and ‘Papus’ origin, which then appeared in the OTOA’s publicity. In September 1978 Lully disappeared; it seems that he ended up “in a Roman Catholic Monastery.” [25]

It was later stated that Bertiaux’s “Choronzon Club has no link to Russell’s organization: Russell told me so and wrote me so.” [26]

Bertiaux’s XI° system went much further than what Crowley had done so little to elaborate in Kabbalistic or practical terms. [28]

It was proclaimed that “The next Aeon will be male homosexual (Typhon) and lesbian (Ma’at formula) strongly.” [28]

In Bertiaux’s 16 degree system of the OTOA sexmagick starts with the VIII° (swords), IX° (cups), X° (wands), XI° (coins). Then there are the higher secrets related to the tattwas and the elements: XII° (prithiwitattwa), XIII° (apastattwa), XIV° (vayutattwa), XV° (tejastattwa), XVI° (akashatattwa), these latter four grades being purely homosexual degrees.


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