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Friday, February 19, 2010

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Monday, November 23, 2009


Sunday, November 22, 2009



I havent written on the blog in a long time things are going heavy on, this link will bring you to all the fun. The fraud who are backing up Floyd Webb are really trying to push that we are frauds. The agenda is the same and will they ever give up you cant change history. Well at least Floyd Webb is trying with the likes of a notorious fraud Frank Dux and Ashida Kim.

They have slandered people who are real and they have been centered around John Keehan life.

But this takes the cake and a harrasement suit is in the works pertaining to these statements. this is the fraudulent Frank Dux and Lawrence Day fake BDFS web-site. Its so funny that the opening page has William Jr on it. Their as stupid as Floyd Webb But this web-site run by Dux has the best slander on it See Dux as fraudulent as he is. he's trying to say that Mas Tamura was a BDFS champion. From the history Page

In 1943 Chicago, 140 lb Mas Tamura a “Black Dragon Fighting Society” Champion, also the slander gets better.

A common myth promoted on glorified and unreliable message boards like
Wikipedia and internet is the Black Dragon Fighting Society as once founded
John Keehan AKA Count Dante is currently under the sole directorship of a
personally chosen protégé and successor to Keehan, William V. Aguiar of Fall
River, Mass. Aguiar died in January, 2005. The fact is according to several
Chicago BDFS original members, due to the obstacle of distance between them
William V. Aguiar received minimal training by Keehan and longtime BDFS
However, he was granted use of the BDFS name and provided a key to
office able to access all his materials in order to assist in
booking BDFS
seminars and tournaments in the 1970’s.However, the title
“Supreme Grandmaster”
as is claimed by his son Bill Aguiar III is
apparently, invented after Keehan’s
death, say GM Felkoff and Day.
Notwithstanding, the name Black Dragon Society
was trademarked by Bill
Aguiar III in the USA
, in 2008, as it pertains to
operating schools and
providing other instructional services. Bill Aguiar III
was not born when
the initial

Chicago/Keehan BDFS was created. No evidence
exists that demonstrates he
has ever been ranked or recognized as a
certified teacher of The Black Dragon
Fighting Society (even by his own
father, now deceased)
says BDFS original
members, Grandmasters, Lawrence
Day, Ashida Kim, Ernie Reynolds, Michael
Felkoff, Doug Dwyer, etc. which has
erupted into an online rift that knows no
shame. Given spurious threats of
protracted litigation and internet libel made
on a blog administered by
Aguiar III and his followers - who attempted to derail
a documentary on John
Keehan AKA Count Dante and the revelation of the true
history of Keehan’s
Black Dragon Fighting Society by film-maker Floyd Webb .

FLOYD WEBB SUPPORTS SLANDER, NOW THE STUFF I HIGHLIGHTED IS QUITE FUNNY, THE ONLY ONE WHO TRAINED DIRECTLY WITH KEEHAN WAS DOUG DWYER. NONE OF THE OTHER GUY CAN COME UP WITH PICTURES STANDING NEXT TO KEEHAN ON THE FLOOR. LAWRENCE DAY IS QUITE FUNNY, HES GOT A WKF PATCH ON THAT HE GOT FROM WILLIAM III. THESE GUYS ARE TOTAL FRAUDS.This picture is from the 1963 tournament the only one who is standing their with John Keehan is Doug Dwyer. Keehan hated fraud and his article "Karate is for sissies" is a reminder to everyone that he did not agree with the classical karate people.

In this picture John Keehan is teaching class and he was a perfectionist about karate. John Keehan hated forms but when you learn several different styles at once like he did. you have to learn them one way or another.

And to further the true history of John Keehan, these guy are the World Karate Federation and half of these guy are the Mid-West Yudanshaki. their is no Lawrence Day, nor Ashida Kim , and their is defenitely not no Frank Dux anywere to be seen around John Keehan. These people are fraud's. This just goes to show the fraudulent story being told by Floyd Webb.

Until these KARATE FRAUDS can come up with pictures like this standing and training with John Keehan. Their the one with no training with John Keehan their the frauds. Lawrence Day is one of the "CHICAGO THREE" The guys who went into the dojo war and ran. Day was a student of Wkya's under Konsevic not Keehan.
These are disrespect full people with no honor or integrity, and thats why Floyd Webb's movie is a sham.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Well for those of you who keep writing to ask about the blog, here I am
again. I slowed down the blog during the court case because of verbal attacks on
informants I mentioned here. None of the people who provided me with information
deserve to be lied about and ridiculed on 2 people in Fall RIver,
MA ( that's right, 2 people) disagree with me about not making them a major part
of the film: are angered because I would not pay them $10k to look at their
archives with no list of cataloged materials; and hence they taken me to court
to sue me for copyright infringement




In spite of the Federal Court case lots of great progress in the work itself and in potential financing has occurred. I am very close to a deal now that the court case has published transcripts (118, 119) with the court opinions to date.


After a bureaucratic delay of almost a year we are back on track with the court and have a schedule worked out by the Judge to get us moving pretty rapidly. Our last court date was a few weeks ago. My attorneys, Anthony Falzone, and Julie Ahrens at Fair Use for Documentary Film Project and David Kluft at Foley Hoag in Boston filed for dismissal and Judge Mark Wolf made a decision on sanctions for Mr William V Aguair III, the plaintiff in the case.


The result? Judge Mark Wolf decided that it was too early for a dismissal and gave us the present schedule. Mr Aguiar has been ordered to pay a sanction of $3000.00 to me for failing to follow court orders. He pleaded hardship against these sanctions but this is how hardball is played and he started the game.


Saturday, August 1, 2009


Time and time again Ive tried to help Floyd Webb but using a racial slur. I at least pulled the plug when one of my friends called him a coon. But this has come right out of his mouth.

Your a discusting person who has learned nothing about life..

I'm going to call you " Boy " from now on.

You wanted to put up emails.

You should be ashamed, your doing a movie on a whiteman who teaches Black men. And your a racist.

"Chris Pieschala
1:44 PM I've been good .. I've been a peace keeper too
1:44 PM They really aren't big on .. what's his name
1:44 PM Barron

1:45 PM They think they are superior to Barron , that is why

Chris Pieschala
1:45 PM I said, Suck it up and sign what ever Floyd's guys come up with or I gaurntee your Dad is going to be on the cutting room floor.

1:45 PM Northern poor folk hating on hardingworking southern boy

Chris Pieschala
1:45 PM I never heard of him
1:46 PM I like my world small
1:46 PM I'm no Count Dracula ya know"

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Edgell: I see WKF where is BDFS?

The north side head quarters, selling out must be your way of saying "Thanks John".

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This is the from my fathers and John Keehan notes pertaining to the mail order busniness. This is the set up genuis. When Pieschala was here we took him to Christies now 41no in Newport Rhode Island. And sat him down and showed him Keehans personal notes and letters, the way the man thought and how he felt about several of Floyd Webb people he interviewed.

When you see the archive Pieschala didnt know were to start. I gave him the originals of the World Karate Federation and the rolls and ranks and affiliations in the groups. Next was the monies and investments into the other schools and start up capital his first corporations.

I also showed him what I call the wash able business that John Keehan had Grociey store , wigs companies, hair salons from around the world{ I sent Floyd Webb Count Dantes business card that said Rome, Madrid and Spain.} I've tried several times to help Floyd Webb to no avail. What people dont really know about John keehan he had so many businessess. My father said the mail order p.o. boxes numbered in the hundereds for the mail order business. And if the returns were large from one P.o. box thats were John Keehan would put his advertising money.

The meeting between Billy III and Chris was a touchy one. Builly see Chris as a Floyd Webb supporter. I think so to time to time of that same speculation. But they are who they are. But their on an even keel.

Pieschal and Billy III talk all the time, they really dont trust each other. But they talk. When Pieschala was here he met Billy and they again stomached each other. But they could really be good friends under different circumstances.

I said it many times before it was the way Floyd Webb and Barron Shepperd coming at my father. You had no permission to give my fathers number to anyone. My fathers laughs for an extra 500 and signatures it would have been it.

My fathers also wants everyone to know this " The President of House of Dante isnt William Jr its Billys mother Linda who still alive and kicking. Let the lawyers read that one a living witness besides my self were their when the signing with Christa took place. Linda Aguiar was the President Of House Of Dante in the 70's. Their are alive witness to the transfer....

To everyone and I remember you' John Patricio and Barron Shepperd posted all your corresponding email pertaing to me and billy a couple of years ago on John Patricios web site. So stop crying about personell emails.

Pieschal gave me your own personell correspondence call me and Billy III. Northern White Trash. When I find it its going up on the net. But I really dont have the time right now to look for it.

And Floyd Webb is Joey Chiacgo or someone you know.

Heres the link to Joey Chicago

This goes back to 9/25/2006 The Ip's are from the Jazz Institue Of Chaicago. If it isnt you it was somebody working on your agent. This was a full year before my involvement they were trying to break Billy III down.

Back to Piescahalas visit he was well versed in the arts. We showed him the archives and the film footage of John Keehan and Ed Parker 1959 blew his mind. See it only solidifies what Ive been saying all along, and that is Floyd Webb is way off.

He should speak to people who were his friend and business partners. They new him personally. Talk to Barbara Kemp she will tell you straight out how it was, no problem talking to Piescahala.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Oh almost forgot this ..Right off Floyd's blog early days .."John Keehan at large....still looking.I guess I have come to the conclusion that I should not try to figure John Keehan out. I have been relistening to interviews."So you are not even trying Ok that helps explain your actions."He is forgiven much by many of his friends of 40 years ago."Who said that? A dead man they back stabbed or you now speak for John? If he were alive Floyd, that statement would have guaranteed you got to meet him.

He hated them to the end to the point I think it's just a Fall River tradition now. How do I know? Not saying just do .. I am done trying to explain myself to a dipsh** who "isn't even trying."They do not forgive him for his recklessness, they celebrate him for his contributions." COUGH COUGH! Sorry had a little vomit with that one .. but humor me quick Keehan impression, "What? My recklessness?! F*** them! I contributed not them! They rode on my coat tails eating my scraps. Then they ran & turned their backs on us and it cost me my best friend. [temper fit of expletives followed by a proper chat]"I'm just guessing I'm sure that was the PG version of what the respone would have been & it would have been meaner and funnier. Unlike somebody else I don;t and can't speak for him beyond the man I knew of, whould have gotten very pissed with that retarded comment

."I cannot get that unmarked grave out of my mind."Why not? You interviewed Cooley I know he could answer it if you had balls to ask and it was in his interests & safe to do so. Besides there is no room left in your mind, it is filled with ideas of how great you think you are.You say I AM OBSESSED with this story? I probably know more about this than the Chicago three .. I always forget their names though .. Moe, Larry Curly .. Happy, dopey sleepy .. the 3 musketeers and their trust side kick (that's you Floyd).You seem like this is an amazing intriguing epic. It really isn't that hard. Seriously. But the hyper sold magazines .. so they were cashing in on John because every good story needs a good villain. I am still not really in what you could the "John Keehn Fan Club". .I guess that makes Creeden the third a freaking genius or rocket engineer then .. no he's just abrasive .. but not a liar.

Not the man I know, neither is his Dad, my instructor nor myself .. You were just unwilling to listen i.e. "Don't go to go Fall River .. just my advice.""Why?1 I might just do tha _I_ was invited." (yeah by Creeden the 3rd)"Well, I wouldn't" (and I'm a master .. and who are you?)"Why?!""Because I was advised not too.""Why?! I just might."Floyd because I have enough class not to ask "Why?!" to people I respect.Why (?!) are you so disrespectful? Why (?!) can you appolize or ad mit it when you are wrong? So if Dwyer isn't one of the members of the short bus .. I must have called it right. Yeah he was there in the early days and the 1964 when things got big. This fifteen minutes were in WDFS .. they ended a half hour ago. So he screws over John's memory by siding with that turd as Ashida Kim .. Floyd has a certificate in that too check his blog or the picture he's in with them with that big "I just pumped the neighbor's dog" look .. Look who I am with, now I am finally cool. Yeah look who you ARE with .. They probably got picked last at kick ball tooFloyd "you ain't cool you're chili .. and chilli ain't never been cool (gives me gas)".

Or another one from those times I wasn't their so I realize you speak in more advanced concepts and langauges .. do bear with me while I try to get it right. "If you have to act cool .. you ain't .." Ya dig man? .. please top with the I'm older and there for smarter crap .. it gets old. "If you have to act smart .. you ain't .." Actually you should know better... So if "I just seriously pissed of the old timers" like Floyd thinks intimates me. F*** them. I live right here in Bolingbrook. I am the heir of the big biker from the Ashland school and ran with the big dogs and also knew John Keehan and the whole crew better than they could in their best wet dreams .. I was hand picked and groomed to take over .. screwing with me is is screwing with him .. I think you know that.And you old ladies Joe Joe says I shouldn't piss off. Just to be thourough "F*** you I live in Bolingbrook." Not Fall River, so if you're not to much the cowards to come over.Call you'd be ahead of Floyd .. and at least it's not long distance.

Just so you don't have any more excuses and I STILL have to hear about this .. I know they knew him because they won't scew with me and they were brave when protected by geography so they.. called Creeden (who told them to @$@$@#$ themselves) & Billy, I don't speak Billy I don't know what he said but it was probably about the same thing ..There now Floyd you can take it out on me .. the guy who tried to help you out.So to prevent any further excuses .. number can't find you I'm attaching a map. I hope it helps you back up your mouth and "truth""Ok where'd the rest of the usual assholes go?

Can we now get back to talking about the d***head Frank Dux?"In communications with Frank, he stated that the I.F.A.A. has since disbanded and that the Black Dragon Fighting Society is a "derivative affiliate" of the former organization, which was still in existence when the 1980 Black Belt magazine article was written. "Translation: I'm a big freaking lying fraud. I'm am staling John's China story I heard over barracks talk. (Where'd Brarron go ?)" This might also help to explain why an online search for the I.F.A.A. yields such a small number of results. The Black Dragon Fighting Society (BDFS) is a sponsor of the Kumite in the Bloodsport movie. It should be noted that the BDFS acknowledges Frank Dux's championship titles and world records, which are listed on their South African website." Gee I didn't know Billy was so cool that had schools there Did I miss anybody? I think Creeden handled Bertiaux well enough. Everybody else seems to have left. Maybe Dux got a call from Lt. Col Robert Brown or "Bobby" as John Jr. calls him .. before he bores me with a Vietnam story to explain it. (he just forgot he already told me, no disrespect to the man. Creeden the 3rd, will probably print this for him and he's gonna laugh)

Geez!!!! LOOOK AT THIS! I've been typing all this time because I've been waiting for Joe Joe to sign into skype which he still hasn't even though he is on Yahoo and not idle. Maybe he doesn't want to talk.Sincerely,Master C. C. PieschalaMAP:,735&scale=324767&type=map&center=41.81547,-87.856807&key=mjtd%7Clu6t250ynq%2Cbl%3Do5-h625&session=4a53d9fd-0333-0008-02b7-624a-001e4f14a711&stops=A,41.883823,-87.632469,0,0B,41.6811,-88.1421,0,0&&&&&rand=4203

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Floyd More Proof You Are A Liar!


Here is proof that Keehann was with us before 1968 like you say. I got this from my father's archives and it says 1967! That's John's own signature along with Ed Miller's. Your timeline is as wrong as your story. hahahahahahah!

Your ninjas are going to be sad because no more anonymous posts. They can't attack and his like you turned them on Peishala either! That was low even for you Floyd, I am going to love SUING YOUR ASS OFF .. I'm even taking donations! This has only started you are a liar and a thief Floyd.Their all coming out now Floyd! Fair use ain't gonna save you either!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Their it is in a nut schell, who ostasized him who betrayed him. It was the Chicago karate scene that he built His friends his business partners who he did promote threw him. Guys I would love to show you those financial records from that time. Ed Miller has three school whith Robert Kylatta. John invested in Dwyers school heavily.

I have all the paper work and I have the person who ran the WKF from the mid 60's to 1988. And the one of the original Black Dragon Fighting Society founding member. John F Creeden Jr my father..

These are the only Black Belts ever promoted by John Keehan in the real Black Dragon Fighting Society and Black Belts in The "Dante Fighting System. They can produce their BDFS diplomas can Chicago no they can't

See if Floyd Webb had really anything substantial give us a clip or a hint. You have plenty of info.

Your blog is less about John Keehan post after post you stray away from the facts. I have a released some 30 items pertaing to John Keehan and his friends ship on of them being Andy Wilson.

Andy was A Black P stone and then a panther. A select few knew of him only those close to John. This proves 1966..

So for everyone one is clear on this Chicago betrayed Keehan was before 1970, and thats was the icining on the cake. " Karate For Sissies" 1970 and Konsevics death....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Marc Lully knew John Keehan threw porno.

A little story from my father.

Lully tried to use John Keehan as a buffer about not paying street taxes and using John name as supposed muscle. And that why the mob showed up at the car lot you can reference that from Bob Cooleys book. That ended that. The mob tried to silence John Keehan twice in two weeks prior, John thought he was being mugged. One time at Cabrine Green three guy armed with knives tried John lets just say they were unsuccessful.

And this is when he had a sit down with Tony Accardo first under boss to Sam Giancana. And then Sam Giancana himself and then they tried again.

And the second time it was coming out of Marc Lully's occult bookstore Atlantis on the north side. And he was going to his brown cadillac with the gold crest on it. My fathers laughs and said he use to tell Keehan that that was a target the golden crest..

Then Giancana was brought back again because he couldnt get rid of the guy. They met at the Chicago playboy club were he was working doing make up.

What funny about it is alot of the stuff in the occult bookstore is the same stuff in Marc Lullys occult bookstore Atlantis. He has the same Rosecrusion book that Lully had in his. And alot of the wall hangings are the same..

Here is the occult bookstore in Chicago.

Floyd Webb NEEDS TO REALIZE WE KNOW EVERYTHING THEIR IS TO KNOW ABOUT JOHN KEEHAN. He was my fathers personal friend. This stuff really pisses him off. I told Floyd Webb sometime ago this was Marc Lully. Well heres the proof. Looks like an older Marc Lully doesnt it. This footage was shot in the basement of John Keehan"s Tiara apartment. These guys hung around together.

I ask my father all the time "did he keep his personal life separate from his martial arts life and he always answerered "yes" he did.. But martial arists are egotists and they loved the broads John would bring around Fuck he said they were Playboy bunnies.. And John Keehan would gross them pout by telling them he would go down on girls with their periods and then he would pick the blood clots from his teeth.. He tells me that Im just like John and Bill and my father said. Im such a Ball busting prick. And that what John Keehan was a ball buster. That was John being John...

What you must all remember, they were personel friends of John Keehans. Everything in the magazineS are from fall River how is Webb going to explain that. He cant goes around us..

I was sitting in the car with my father and I asked him about John Keehan being ostracized. And specifally the dojo war. My father laughed and said Jim Konsevic was no choir boy and it would be a shame if Floyd Webb portrail of him would be like that..Who knows he said when he watches it he will know what the truth and whats bullshit..

As for being ostrasized that had more to do with him tell in the purists that their kata sucked,and it was inneffective. And that included Dwyer Felkoff, Edgell his friend were pissed.

Floyd Webb said to Chris Piescala that the were all part of some scam the "monestary of the seven rays"mail order thing, I say bullshit Marc Lully was a satanist and so was his gay counter part Bertrauix. Chris Pieschala told me Floyd Webb has nothing but 30 interviews and selected pictures and thats it.. About ten are martial artists trained with John Keehan. But the key ones are left out Ed Miller, Tom Sexton, Rob Rose.. The guys that counted to The World Karate federation

I've known of these people dating back into the early eighties. And my father knew them all personally in the 60's and the 70's.. Its you guys who dont know the truth..

The wrestlers stage name is Horst Rheinhart, but not his real name. He was a personel friend of William v Aguiar Jr. This nfootge was the only footage put in the mail order business. Floyd webb doesnt know what he talking about..

To Floyd Webb your blog is less about John Keehan, but I didnt say that Jack off. It was Lob Sing. Look Floyd you are Joey Chicago the IP's come to the Jazz Institue of Chicago. So its you or someone you know..So stop with your stupid ignorant shit you pompus fool..


Saturday, May 23, 2009


Pieschala mentioned Argenteum Astrum and now exposes the truth.Its is a early Crowley group. The first actually. He is very well versed. Heres is Mark Lully It hard to believe in this picture that this guy owned 4 porno house and ran undergound porn. I get this picture from a Bertrauix link matter of fact And go half way down the page. And their it is.

This is were the eyes comes from from. Argenteum Astrum. Floyd you wanted your proof well their it is. Its was all Marc Lully. "John Dante" was his spirtual name he was seeking enlightment. You know Floyd "Cosmic John" were do you think this type of thing comes from.

Argenteum Astrum was the magical order founded by Aleister

after leaving the Hermetic
Order of the Golden Dawn
. It was synonymously known as the Order of the
Silver Star, originally developed by S. L. Mathers in the Golden Dawn, but
gradually became more adapted toward Crowley's bisexual orientation. Many known
occultists were in its membership including Victor Neuberg, and for a brief
period Austin Osman Spare. The Argenteum Astrum (abbreviated A:. A:.) later was
incorporated into the Ordo Templi Orientis (O. T. O.). A.G.H

So you see the ring goes way back to the original Crowley group.

The Argenteum Astrum (abbreviated A:. A:.) later was incorporated into the Ordo Templi Orientis. The same group thats is lead by Bertrauix.

See Marc Lully ran the Chronzon Club and was its master. This was a major part of John Keehan life. And they were close business partners.

See thats why John keehan got 18 different rights, Ordinations and Doctor of Divinity. Floyd webb wants proof well get ready for it Webb. Its coming for you.

A story by my father.

When my father met Marc Lully he was in an adult bookstore with
a hose washing down the "Jerk off" rooms with a hose hosing down the
semen, after that they went out partied. The next day I wont go into
alot of detail.They went to a black mass and they were eating food off of
naked womens bodies, and chantting incantations. This went on for an hour. Then
they brought in the young boys and my father had enough, John Keehan said to my
father " you cant leave right now you have to weight until the end. My father
said fuck this and left, Keehan followed 15 minutes later and the William Aguiar
Jr followed Keehan.

Then Marc Lully came out naked and had some sort of fluid on him. And asked them to stay for dinner. His treat, John Keehan said no. And then went behind the desk at the Chronzoan Club grabbed the money that had to be kicked up to Sam Giancana.

The next day they were at John Keehan Tiara apt. When Marc Lully came in with over 30 women for them to choose from. "To do thy will with them" his quote.

I leave you with this picture of John Keehan unreleased. You tell me what around his neck. Let the people be the judge.


Its looks like a Pentagram over a picture of Christ. You wanted it you got it. THE PROOF

I add this for a timeline.

The Qabalistic Alchemist Church of April 1, 1960 – was founded by over 20 people. High Masons and Ethiopian Alchemest [sic] Church – 10000 of years old, and Eastern Orthodox Catholic. (Arch Bishop Theodotus of New York and Society of Rosicrucians in America…)” [19]
Webb, as a bishop, stayed loyal to the officially incorporated ‘Qabalistic Alchemist Church’ and his own ‘Ordo Argenteum Astrum’ (its English version published the “Equinox Magazine”).
The Gnostic Catholic Church Boast or How William Breeze lost his Apostolic Succession

Marc-Antoine Lullyanov
Born on January 5th 1949 in Chicago, in 1966 he became a minister of the ‘Spiritual Church’, as well as joining the Martinists, and the Vice-President of a Theosophical Lodge in Chicago. [20]

M.P. Bertiaux
On March 31st 1966, Bertiaux moved from Chicago to live at Wheaton in Illinois. In time the Chicago group [C] grew older, and shrank to barely a dozen members, or so it appeared to Bertiaux. As reading-material they used some books left to them by Ruby Jones (C.S. Jones’s widow). These books were later bought up by Marc Lully[anov] “Tau IV”. The XI° people in the CC went to see Bertiaux’s course of Theosophical lectures, where the youngest member Marc Lully made Bertiaux’s acquaintance in January 1966, and became a member of ‘”La Couleuvre Noire’.

Bertiaux also visited Golden Dawn-inspired groups, various Martinists, and the ‘Achad Society’, which Ruby Jones ran. In his taped “Historical Reflections” of 1978, Bertiaux decribed the atmosphere of depression and boredom that these cults emitted, traits which their respective leaders seemed to possess in person.

The meetings of the CC were held naked, and without female participation; most of the participants were black, for instance from boxing circles. The teachings of C.S. Jones, Russell, and Crowley were not favoured. Bertiaux thought that it had all got very “demonic”.
In January 1966 Bertiaux was initiated into Lully’s CC. [21]

January 18th 1967: Marc Lully became a member of the Ecclesia Gnostica Spiritualis under Bertiaux.
August 10th 1967: Marc Lully assisted at the exchange of consecrations between Bertiaux and Shreves.
November 4th 1967: Marc Lully and Shreves became bishops of the QBL Alchemist Church through Webb. The “charter… is XI°, only.” [22] Bertiaux believed that Shreves represented the ‘authentic’ O.T.O. [23]

December 22nd 1967: Lully and one George Adams exchanged “initiations” at the ‘Spiritual Church’ (previously mentioned in association with Lully) at Chicago’s Hyde Park. [24]

December 25th 1967: Marc Lully initiated Bertiaux.
January 18th 1972: Lully was ordained through the offices of Hector-François Jean-Maine.
Later in the 1970s H.P. Smith was frequently seen with W.W. Webb.
Bertiaux and Lully made enquiries to Shreves’s PGHS [D] in California about Franklin Thomas’s “64 Blocks”.
In 1977 Lully became the ‘Imperator’ of the OTOA, and supposedly had an alliance with the OTO run by Hansen “Kadosh” in Copenhagen. Bertiaux thought that the Scandinavian O.T.O. was of Theodor Reuss’ and ‘Papus’ origin, which then appeared in the OTOA’s publicity. In September 1978 Lully disappeared; it seems that he ended up “in a Roman Catholic Monastery.” [25]

It was later stated that Bertiaux’s “Choronzon Club has no link to Russell’s organization: Russell told me so and wrote me so.” [26]

Bertiaux’s XI° system went much further than what Crowley had done so little to elaborate in Kabbalistic or practical terms. [28]

It was proclaimed that “The next Aeon will be male homosexual (Typhon) and lesbian (Ma’at formula) strongly.” [28]

In Bertiaux’s 16 degree system of the OTOA sexmagick starts with the VIII° (swords), IX° (cups), X° (wands), XI° (coins). Then there are the higher secrets related to the tattwas and the elements: XII° (prithiwitattwa), XIII° (apastattwa), XIV° (vayutattwa), XV° (tejastattwa), XVI° (akashatattwa), these latter four grades being purely homosexual degrees.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


This is the actual e-mail sent to me, of Floyd Webb asking Ashida kim for the copies of the books for the fundraiser. People are starting to see the truth in the situation. You can yaw and yell but no matter the proof is right here. Floyd Webb kissing a fake ninjas ass. The proof is in the reading. Their ass kissing buddies who want to undermine the right Grand Master Aguiar III and his late Father Willian Aguiar Jr. You bullshit is wearing this.....

Subject: Ashida, I need some help...
Date: Thursday, May 29, 2008 9:03 AM
From: Floyd Webb <>
To: "" <>
Conversation: Ashida, I need some help...
Ashida Kim,
I am starting to do fundraisers in the Chicago are for the film. The first one I am having will be at the Occult Bookstore in Chicago.
The owner, Louvel Delon is a great fan of yours and I was wondering if you would send him an autographed copy of Ninja Mind Control?
A lot of these guys who had out at the store are fans of yours. Just so you know.
It would be a great help to me if you would drop XXXX a note and maybe a signed book. I think he would frame it and hang it up in the store.
Here is the address:
Louvel Delon
Occult Book Store <>
1164 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 292-0995
Talk to you soon.
Floyd Webb
"Rarely has reality needed so much to be imagined." -- Chris Marker

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Floyd Webb knows nothing of John Keehan. Credability Floyd you have none at all.....

My father John Creeden Jr 8th Dan { Haitichi Dan } in the World Karate Federation and the Black Dragon Fighting Society. and personnel friend of John Keehan, now how personell you might add. And how much he knows.

Lets start off with Lully and Bertrauix... and this picture

This rings were owned by John Keehan and he gave it to my father, because he trusted him.. Not Dwyer nor Edgell, nobody in Chicago.

This ring was owned by Aliester Crowley John Keehan bought them while in England. Actually their are two of them. And their was a female ring that my father destroyed. John Keehan gave them to Billy Jr and my father to keep them away from Bertrauix and Lully and members of the Choronzon Club and Club Medusa.

Now Pieschala gets involved and he knows all about this. He starts to talk to Pieschala and their notes are the same. Stories about Lully and the porn and the occult bookstores are identical. So we start talking about JOHN DANTE his spirtual name and what was his intentions, well control over the weak minded for one.

So were speaking about the occult bookstore and talking about Keehan religious intentions. pieschala talks about Lovell Deleon the owner and consevator of the occult bookstore. Now here some funny thigs that happened.

1. My father can describe Lovell to a tea.
2. My father sent Pieschala to the occult bookstore, and asked Lovell to see Rose Croos book that Lovell had in his possession. Not on display at all. Pieschala went to Lovell and asked him to see it. Lovell asked how he knew this book was in his possession considering that no one knew he had it....
See Lully owned the Occult Bookstore......

Heres the book. and the proof. Something Floyd Webb cant do post the truth.

See Pieschala knows more about John Keehan than Floyd Webb thats for sure.

Also Pieschala told me that "I'm the guy" is Floyd Webb.

It seems they were joking one day and Pieschala mentioned it, and Floyd ran with it. joey Chicago and now I'm the guy. Floyds a piece of shit thats for sure.....

The real memebrs of the Fall River Black dragon fighting Society are everywere...

Friday, May 1, 2009


I have not posted anything of substence here lately so I will compose and old school rhyme for our friend Lob Creed III otherwise known as

No Floyd not me, and your wrong. But I will help you is this the one threatening you??????

If so Ive heard of this email address. He came sending Billy emails saying he had the goods on Barron Shepperd and Ashida kim. This was about a year ago. We we called him on it he dissappearsed.

Floyd I would never hurt you in any way. Its just busting balls to me.

But I will help you, and I bet Billy would to.

Dude Illl be your bodyguard me and Pieschala,lol

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Its is Bill Aguiar to his right, I know all the black belts in this picture, they were my instructors guys come on grow up. I can name them all. These people are my fathers friends to this day. So whos lying. And it was shot in the Durfee Street school in FALL RIVER MASSACHUSETTS.

I love this cloak and dagger shit everybody wants to talk but no one wants their name on it.

1. Here's your 1967 flyer, see the number of people who are not talking to Floyd Webb because its bullshit. So I'm directing this at Floyd, I have helped you I gave you the name of the wrestler, His name everybody is Horst Rheinhart, but that not his real name. SSSShhhh Fall River secret. Lets just say that he was very close to Bill Jr and My father. I'll give you a little story of Tea San Tanaka the wrestler drinking beer on Horseneck beach in Westport Mass with John Keehan, my father and William III and this wrestler. At a place called Shandy's it was at the mouth of Gooseberry Island. And thats how the wrestler met John Keehan.

So your Souther Illinois story about the footage pan out, I think not. We have the 8mm and the beta format. So yet again you fail.

Oh I also sent you info on John Keehan International Businesses, when I sent mail to 3 to 1 studios, with Pieschala's BDFS and WKF certs. It took Pieschala 4 months to get them.

Back to the 1967 Flyer, I got more boxes of my fathers shit. Like I said I can do this all day long.

2. I attack people, no Webb I tell the truth. Like Lawrence Day he was one of the Chiacgo three who ran out the door during the dojo war. So your really think John Keehan would give him a black belt. Read the story John called Konsevic and he call the weak three, John Words "Lanky". They were Konsevics students not Johns. If you notice Lawrence Day is not even in the WKF and he thinks hes BDFS. John Keehan hated the Chicago three. John Cole flipped out when he knew he was involved so did my father. My fathers exact words SCUM CRAWLING AT HIS HEALS. So now call my father and John Cole liars go head, ya they know nothing is that what your trying to say Floyd.

Also Gregory Jaco was commanded by John Cole in Special Forces in the early sixties. Buy many account coming out of Chicago Jaco ran a school of thugs. hamza my ass.

3. Their a whole bunch of people who were significant Ed Miller, Robert Gore,Gordain Granrath, Sidney Bennett, Robert Gans, Robert Kylatta. Floyd Webb only wants you to hear from people whom he has chosen. All the bad ones.

4. Ask Art Rapkin why was he suing John Keehan for 100,000 in 1969, I know why but will he admit it.

5. Chris Pieschala. Chris has been a piece maker in this. But like people involved he had his own questions. I talk to him regularly so does my father. His instructor knew my father and William Jr and John Kkeehan out here. I will not go into particulars. He is well schooled in this and hes the one who lead Floyd to Bertrauix and Lully. Its so funny that Floyd has never asked Bertrauix were Lully is.

Chris by his own choice started to post on Bullshido, all i told him is tell the truth, that's IT. This goes way deeper that all of you know.

Floyd maybe has 2 maybe 3 rocks in that bag, and small ones at that.

6. I posted the proof of the Ju-te flyer what more do you want my respect those guys, not that group no way. WHAT ABOUT FUCKIN ANDY WILSON, Floyd wont touch the Black Panthers no he wouldnt dare do that.

7. I dont care one bit about your fuckin court case, Hey Billy put the squeeze on you and you didnt fight personal jurisdiction thats your mistake not mine. You have tried to put me up against Billy. This I wont do, Guys if you dont believe me I have the e-mail directly from Floyd Webb from Piescahala giving me David Klufts number. Do you really think I'm going to a lawyer who tried to put me in jail, and I know it was all you Floyd after all lawyers work for your clients. I'm not stupid. But you cant silence the truth.

You know what your like a book burner like the Nazi's, trying to burn history. And trying to destroy people lives along the way.

In closing I tried people to help Webb behind the scenes but he to childish, I have tied to make peace. Sorry Floyd I must destroy you now, meaning your movie and the people in it.


If I'm such a liar then why try to shut me up, Its because your trying to destroy John Cole and my fathers lineage and that my friend I will not let happen. I only post the truth your the liar.

Also Difonzo was born her a childhood buddy of Aguiar Jr and my father, the Purulator robbery was from here. So what do you have Floyd nothing.

To Ashida and Barron and Marty cale I'm coming for you boys. So get ready for the ride. You want karate matches you'll get one. Just let the court case settle. And the fun will begin. Well not ashida and Barron their going back to court. So that leave just you Marty Cale oh shit you too. With Billy suing you all their be no one left to fight. Oh well their always the Singapore sailor

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Floyd Webb NEEDS TO REALIZE WE KNOW EVERYTHING THEIR IS TO KNOW ABOUT JOHN KEEHAN. He was my fathers personal friend. This stuff really pisses him off. I told Floyd Webb sometime ago this was Marc Lully. Well heres the proof. Looks like an older Marc Lully doesnt it. This footage was shot in the basement in his Tiara apartment. These guys hung around together.
I ask my father all the time "did he keep his personall life separate from his martial arts life and he always answerered "yes" he did.. But martial arists are egotists and they loved the broads John would bring around Fuck he said they were Playboy bunnies.. And john would gross them pout by telling them he would go down on girls with their periods and then he would pick the blood clots from his teeth.. He tells me that Im just like John and Bill and my father. Ball busting. And that what John keehan was a ball buster. That was John being John...
What you must all remember, they were personel friends of John Keehans.
I was sitting in the car with my father and I asked him about John Keehan being ostracized. And specifally the dojo war. My father laughed and said Jim Konsevic was no choir boy and it would be a shame if Floyd Webb portrail of him would be like that..Who knows he said when he watches it he will know what the truth and whats bullshit..
As for being ostrasized that had more to do with him tell in the purists that their kata sucked and it was inneffective.
Floyd Webb said to Chris Piescala that the were all part of some scam the "monestary of the seven rays"mail order thing, I say bullshit Marc Lully was a satanist and so was his gay counter part Bertrauix.
I've known of these people dating back into the early eighties. And my father knew them all personally in the 60's and the 70's.. Its you guys who dont know the truth..

Friday, February 6, 2009


In 1968 John Keehan gave William V Aguiar Jr control of the World Karate Federation in New England. And made my father John F Creeden Jr the secretary of the World Karate Federation in New England. And in a couple of years they would control it all. In 1968 Bill Aguiar had 3 schools at the time and had 600 or so students. They immediately joined the World Karate Federation becoming the biggest affilation in the WKF. John Keehan wanted 10 dollars for every person joining so Billy wrote him out a check for 6000 dollars saying to him " They already joined John" John laughed my father said.

John Keehan was so impressed that he invested in and planned 2 more schools in the area. He loved the way Billy's mixed training was, they planned 20 or so demonstrations in the area. Also Keehan had planned way before the Dojo war to buy a summer cottage here to vacation. With Billy seniors following and the amount of students that they had John Keehan was a perfect fit.

The tradional martial arts scene in Chicago at the time was weak, Black Belt wouldn't follow them their. See in Chicago they were afraid to hit each other, just like today. the only exception was Ed Miller. Ken Knudson with all his trophies and his following all he was was a point fighter.

See Billys father took the World Karate Federation farther than anyone else, his school was here for 43 years UNTIL HIS DEATH IN 2005. Were was all the WKF in Chicago, even Jimmie Jones left the WKF to start the Universal Karate Systems in 1975 with Ken Knudson. Jimmie Jones was the Illinois represenative to the WKF at the time.

The Fall River martial arts scene was different, their were several full contact schools in the area. Nic Cerios was full contact, Bill Marsharelli full contact, Paul Fortin full contact, And John Almedia Shotokan full contact champion and a full contact fighter. Just to name a few alot of these guy were x-military not x-con's like Chicago martial arts scene at the time.

P.S. A person said to me in Chicago that you have to prove things to Floyd Webb, I laughed and said hes not the authority on this, his whole story is made up by the people who betrayed John Keehan and the fakes and frauds now who have been stealing off of the true lineage for years. HE HAS TO PROVE TO ME THAT HE'S TELLING THE TRUTH AND WERE IS HIS PROOF, Like the JU-TE thing its funny how they left out that Edgells school was really John Keehans school. Thats Edgell never had one in the first place. My evidence is overwhelming.

Secondly, Fighting

The only reason that Barron Shepperd has his head, is I knew he was going to Federal Court. I dont want a ring, I want a street fight, I dont want someone to pull me off of one of you. BALLS guys you dont have any.

Third, weight

Mas Oyama ya the greatest martial artist ever was not skinny by no means. I'll take my 290lbs and I would ruin your world.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Count Dante is a familiar name in the short history of the MA in the USA. From about 1965 to his death in 1975 he was regarded as the black sheep of American karate.

He started out as a promising karateka in Robert Trias' "United States Karate Association" and he was an important figure in the early development of karate in America's Midwest. However, after he left (or was expelled from) Trias' organisation it was felt that he had "gone wrong"" target="_top">Massad Ayoob has written, " developed an obscene fascination with the most brutal part of the martial arts."

Dante promoted America's first full contact tournament as far back as 1967, sold his booklet " The world's Deadliest Fighting Secrets" with the assistance of a big, over the top advertising campaign in comics and magazines and generally tried to put himself over as "The Crown Prince of Death".

His style was designed specifically for street combat and so this may simply be a reflection of how society itself has grown more violent over the years. Unfortunately, little technical material has been printed on the Dante style, but basically it seems to be a close quarters system (The legs are mainly for transportation, Dante would say) which stress smashing, gouging, and joint breaking techniques. Even more than technique however, Count Dante stressed the importance of attitude. Page 12 of his book (1968) reads: ...

" ...Special note: Proper emphasis on courage, aggressiveness, and actual training hall and street application of effective fighting techniques, is the most serious lacking segment in modern day karate and kung fu schools... most karate schools place little emphasis on courage or "guts fighting" and aggressiveness and usually even frown on it. They also do not permit body contact in their self-defence and sparring practice. This makes for a safe training hall but does little to help develop the body to withstand strike punishment and actually hinders the student when they are forced to use it on the street.
Remember, the only true test of a fighting man is what he can do, and no more. Form practice, sparring, self defence practice and brick breaking are meaningless if the man cannot withstand the burden of the 'real thing'..."
The backbone of the Dante system was his emphasis on mental attitude. In contrast with many Oriental concepts of "mind like placid lake"..."Mind like the moon", of being calm, cleaning the mind of all thought and emotion prior to combat, Dante believed that you should 'psych' yourself up with 100% aggressiveness and viciousness, attacking in a furious and unrestrained manner. In 'Defense Combat' Oct 1976, Bill Aguair was asked to define the Dante system and how it differed from other systems.

"It isn't the techniques of the system, it's the attitude - and that is a 7 to 10 second drive to the wall, completely going in for one thing and one thing only - to get the opponent down and out and everything over as quickly as possible."
Dante then advocated attacking (or counter attacking) at full speed, exploding at the enemy with total ruthlessness and ferocity. Again Aguair has some sage advice.

"A streetfight is something quick, it doesn't last 11 minutes. A fight in the street is one jam. People don't break it up into rounds, you know... If you're gonna swing, you either do that, go all the way or don't do anything at all. I'm not advocating fighting at the drop of a hat, but when you gotta go, you gotta go. I mean it, it doesn't take much for you to throw a kick and try to pull it so you don't hurt somebody bad, and then the guy catches your leg and knocks you down - your head hits the kerbstone and now you've got a widow! The streets are pretty bad!" (Defense Combat - Oct 1976)
In line with Dante's ideas on situational self-defence, he would train people to fight in barstools and members of his school would smoke cigarettes and drink beer because, well, that's what they'd probably be doing if a fight started.

Unlike many people who practise the MA and develop new theories as regards self defence, Dante's system was founded on real events, many of Dante's people were violent criminals, mobsters and streetgang members who meet and use violence in their everyday life. According to Ayoob in his book "The Truth About Self-Protection" :

"The Count's disciples, who tended to come from a hard core criminal word, used it (a previously described technique) frequently. They left some people blind out there but were never injured themselves... Under such circumstances self-defense techniques tend to become refined very quickly - necessity being the mother of invention - there being no room for error. There are no recorded instances of Dante's people complaining that something didn't work, so we must assume that they were well satisfied that what he taught worked.
Learn from the outlaws: Dante's system was designed for the sort of person you'll face, someone who'll hurt you without the slightest compunction."
Dante died in 1975, shortly before he died he made the following statement to Massad Ayoob in 'Black Belt' march 1976.

"They resented Bruce Lee when he was alive. The martial arts people made him a legend after he died because they weren't afraid of him anymore."
And he spoke too of the legendary Samurai Musashi,

"Look up his history. Musashi is the hero of Japan, yet he murdered innocent men, women and children for money. He was a 'stone killer' (assassin) They despised him when he was alive and canonised him when he was dead. Mark my words, that's what they'll do to me"

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


John Keehan had alot of things going in the 60's. His tournaments were all successful, all the affilated schools had several winners in the Black Belt division. And the cash was rolling in John had several business at the time, laundry, wigs, and grocerey stores, and even had a car lot, hair dresser, pimp, drug pusher, gun runner, and lets not forget the porno shops " They paid well". Everyone wanted a piece of him.

And he loved it. From what I'm told he was a fuckin ball buster in a half and had the balls and the money to back it up. And he was on top and into the Chicago scene heavy in all aspect money,women and action. He craved action my father said "the action was the juice for John". Threw all his endeavours he never swayed from his students and his commitment to the arts.

A person from Chicago told me when he'd pull his Count Dante antics people would laugh, but they still came to his school in hundreds, all his schools were showing profits. John Keehan was a person of many accomplishments, His life was successful in many ways, but absolute power corrupts absolutely. And in Johns case what a life he lead and in a way to his head, but my father said he was very grounded and he knew what he was doing.

P.S. Also you will notice in the flyers they were full contact matches, no Felkoff, Dwyers and Days aloud lol

Seriously I have some major finds about John in the next couple of weeks it will be enlightening.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Their appears to be a few people who would like to re-write history pertaing to the life of John Keehan. It wont happen because all the black belt add's in the 70's were shot in Bill Aguiars school in Fall River Mass. We are his lineage, Chicago is not. To be in the real BDFS you have to be a black belt in the Dante System of Fighting.

People keep hiding, and they dont have the balls to come forward and be faced like a man. I have never hid my name I back up what I say. I will not get into a ring, I want a street fight I'm a Dantiest. A your Tai Chi Chuan and you karate styles are weak and poor and John Keehan told you that. I dont want a referee to pull me off of you, and thats why you guys are afraid. John Keehan had the ball never to hide. But the Chicago people are their cowards in the 70' and their cowards now.

Now I live at 45 Mitchell Drive, Fall River Mass. Ask Floyd Webb he was their. Now tell me who you are, I want a part of a fake, I would love to meet some of you I really would. You would learn "Fuckem up waza". I want you to come I really would, bring 10 guys really well trained ex-military, thats the only way you have a chance to take me. If you dont dont bother because you are a fake aand a fraud and a pussy.

Like this picture it Billy Aguiar on his side not Dwyer nor Edgell. We are his lineage and we are the next generation of Dantiest and the Balls to back in up.


Some one show me the 7 entrances and the 7 ways to kill. If you dont know that then you dont know POISON HAND. But none of you can thats the funny part. Their not in the book nor does Dwyer nor anyone else but the 1974 twelve.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


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Originally Posted by masterofbludd

i get the feeling that isn't what floyd plans to do, as floyd continues to kiss this loser's ass and insist he has real skill. i'm also starting to think that fr bdfs, for as rude as they are, were right on the money when they initially stated that sheppard/ kim and floyd were in cahoots from the get go.

How hilarious! I supposed to take statements like this serious? It means nothing, what YOU think, John Creeden III, has no bearing on any of what I will or will not do in the film.

Only John Creeden III tried to make claims of some kind of "conspiracy" and was an early legal advisor to Bill Aguiar.

The conspiracy exists only in your little mind. You have had every opportunity to learn to play well with others, but you squander every chance you get. You should get a new script to play from, this one hs become very old.

See Floyd your the problem you post something on one blog and go somewere else to slander another person you have to be exposed for the little weasel you are. Your the one who started Billy busted thing. I heard it right out of Felkoff's mouth when I talked to the singapore sailor.

You seem to think your smart Floyd huh,your nothing your a loser. I haven't bothered responding to this little game. But your losing ground the world is seeing your bullshit now. One things for sure I'm suing you hard Floyd and so is my father. Keep my name out of your mouth. I see that you haven't took down the slanderous shit about me from your blog. But you want me to do it. So here what I'm gonna do. I'm putting it all back up. I thought that you have some sense in your feeble little mind. Ya I do hate you Floyd I really do your ignorance is warming.